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Comment: Amazon (Score 1) 595 595

Amazon STILL doesn't support IPv6 except through their elastic load balancers, and those cant do domain apexs unless you also use their DNS service, and it still doesn't enable internal IPv6 on the actual computing instances. If Amazon supported IPv6, IPv6 adoption and traffic would increase significantly. I have no hope they this will ever happen though given their inability to add it 5 years after being asked and still no time table.

Comment: Re: SystemD added? (Score 5, Insightful) 494 494

No, it's NOT JUST A LAUNCHER. It's a logging daemon, a console input daemon, it's much, much more than just a launcher. So if for some reason (like power outage) your computer reboots, you can't just tail /var/log/* (or even specific logs, if you're familiar with your distro which most of us are). You have to use another computer to lookup some arcane command that's non-obvious (sorry, "tail /var/log/* IS obvious for anyone who has ever been a UNIX-world sysadmin), then you can proceed to fix the problem.

Now, personally, I'm willing to try it out on my laptop for awhile, and maybe, just maybe, I will consider deploying this in servers, in like 6 months after daily use by myself and my alternate. Otherwise we'll keep using 14.10 for now.

Comment: Re:So what? (Score 5, Insightful) 407 407

Would you WANT, truly WANT, to work at a place like that? I wouldn't. If the rest of my office used Adderal or another drug to get ahead, I want to GET OUT. Not only will the place eventually bomb, but dependance is a bitch. I will find, or create, a job where that isn't tolerated. And it's not hard - yes there are plenty of places that "won't care, (wink) (wink)," but there will be plenty where professionalism is still King and it simply would not be tolerated at all, not even under the table.

Comment: Re:Start with an erroneous *world view* ... (Score 1) 181 181

Well, for one data point - I used to use the local bus system (RTD in Denver), until I finally got the money for a car, and then I enperienced the JOY, the pure unadulerated JOY in being to go anywhere I want, without having to wait for a centralized infrastructure to get me where it wants to go. I've tried using the bus system since then (including almost a whole month of light rail before I gave up and went back to driving), but in the end the autonomy I experience is HUGE. And having to ask "central control to please send my car along this complex path between Denver and Colorado Springs, I want to go see what's, no destination, just want to explore.....oh, never mind!" is not something towards which I look forward.

Comment: Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 629 629

THIS! This is one reason I stay with Apple - I get security updates for YEARS. My old Droid 3 was obsolete within 6 months of purchase and got no further updates or upgrades. Same with my Evo 4G (WiMax). Android may have the leg up on customization, but Apple has much better long-term support.

Comment: So contact them anyways (Score 1) 141 141

Then contact them using their DomainsByProxy contact info. Yes, companies, lots of companies, use that, in order to have a level of privacy. That's OK - it still gets to them, you just don't have the contact details yourself. Contact them via email and they can see it just as much as if you had their direct email address. Either they care or they don't.

Comment: Great idea (Score 3, Interesting) 299 299

I learned to program with both BASIC and HyperCard, depending on which machine I was on at the time, back when I was younger. I think it's a great idea. I built simple "database" simulations, using nothing more than the free stuff that came with it, and it helped to mold my initial approach to programming. I even created a testing program we used at my high school for a couple of my teachers that was ran over a network. It was fun AND useful.

Comment: Re:Replication anyone? (Score 2) 147 147

Can MongoDB do master-master replication? Oh, it's can't, and really only CouchDB does in the NoSQL space? Oh, that's too bad. Of course, most of us don't NEED M-M replication, as it introduces serious issues with reliability (oh I wrote the client record to server A and then queried server B on the next page load and it didn't exist yet -> Null Exception #AWESOME!) and is only useful for backups/reporting/import/export scenarios. The rest of us who actually want to GET WORK DONE will probably continue with relational DBs and post JSON documents as needed into our databases (e.g. json doc for lists/complex objects where we don't want/care to index any fields within).

And ACID doesn't fall apart at all in sharding - what are you smoking?? You implement a standard sharding scheme and the same record always goes to the same server. NoSQL doesn't do a thing for sharing... Replication is a problem, but it is for NoSQL too.

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