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Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 235

Oddly enough, it takes too much time to murder 300+ people with a knife, but fly a drone right into an airplane's engine by accident and not only can you kill everyone on that plane, but people on the ground. Imagine if it went right into a hotel because it crashed as they lost control because your little toy broke their engine. Registration doesn't mean it's dead as a hobby - look at ham radio / amateur radio. We have licenses, we have to pay tests, the cost is MINIMAL even for someone on Social Security, and the more you know the more you're allowed to do. I think drones / civilian UAVs need a similar licensing structure, IMHO.

Comment cloud? (Score 1) 435

So when will the cloud providers FINALLY start really supporting IPv6? My company, as many do, uses Amazon EC2, RDS, S3, etc.., and the closest Amazon gets to IPv6 is their load balancers, which can't support the domain apex unless you also use their DNS. I refuse to pay per query for their DNS, so that means I can't use their load balancers for my websites and my client's websites. So no IPv6 for me.

And as far as I can tell, Google's and Microsoft's clouds still don't support IPv6 either.. :(

Comment Cloud (Score 1) 307

Wow, if only some major provider of computing resources could somehow pool them and resell access, and support IPv6 at the same time. I bet that would drive adoption. Oh well, it was a dream. Still can't use it on Amazon (excluding the worthless-to-me ELB).

Comment Amazon (Score 1) 595

Amazon STILL doesn't support IPv6 except through their elastic load balancers, and those cant do domain apexs unless you also use their DNS service, and it still doesn't enable internal IPv6 on the actual computing instances. If Amazon supported IPv6, IPv6 adoption and traffic would increase significantly. I have no hope they this will ever happen though given their inability to add it 5 years after being asked and still no time table.

Comment Re: SystemD added? (Score 5, Insightful) 494

No, it's NOT JUST A LAUNCHER. It's a logging daemon, a console input daemon, it's much, much more than just a launcher. So if for some reason (like power outage) your computer reboots, you can't just tail /var/log/* (or even specific logs, if you're familiar with your distro which most of us are). You have to use another computer to lookup some arcane command that's non-obvious (sorry, "tail /var/log/* IS obvious for anyone who has ever been a UNIX-world sysadmin), then you can proceed to fix the problem.

Now, personally, I'm willing to try it out on my laptop for awhile, and maybe, just maybe, I will consider deploying this in servers, in like 6 months after daily use by myself and my alternate. Otherwise we'll keep using 14.10 for now.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 5, Insightful) 407

Would you WANT, truly WANT, to work at a place like that? I wouldn't. If the rest of my office used Adderal or another drug to get ahead, I want to GET OUT. Not only will the place eventually bomb, but dependance is a bitch. I will find, or create, a job where that isn't tolerated. And it's not hard - yes there are plenty of places that "won't care, (wink) (wink)," but there will be plenty where professionalism is still King and it simply would not be tolerated at all, not even under the table.

Comment Re:Start with an erroneous *world view* ... (Score 1) 181

Well, for one data point - I used to use the local bus system (RTD in Denver), until I finally got the money for a car, and then I enperienced the JOY, the pure unadulerated JOY in being to go anywhere I want, without having to wait for a centralized infrastructure to get me where it wants to go. I've tried using the bus system since then (including almost a whole month of light rail before I gave up and went back to driving), but in the end the autonomy I experience is HUGE. And having to ask "central control to please send my car along this complex path between Denver and Colorado Springs, I want to go see what's, no destination, just want to explore.....oh, never mind!" is not something towards which I look forward.

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