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Comment Re:Trap? Usually its a tarpit of unusable service (Score 1) 176

These days a T1 with multiple freeloading users is painfully slow.

These days a T1 is painfully slow, even without multiple or even a single other user. I can't think of any reason to still use a dedicated circuit like that unless you absolutely positively need the guaranteed bandwidth and SLA service...or there was absolutely no other option.

Comment Re:Pre-emption (Score 1) 186

Except in states where marijuana sales are legal, that only means that state law enforcement couldn't arrest you for drug possession. You still could be charged with a federal crime. Lately they just look the other way as they realize it's not generally worth the effort.

If you were charged under state law for violating private air space, it could be transferred to federal court as the FAA has jurisdiction, where the charge would be ultimately tossed out due to lack of jurisdiction on the part of the state.

That all pertains to the actual flying of the air craft. Perhaps states could side step the issue by not making flying the aircraft illegal, but rather harassment, trespassing, or some other stretch of the imagination.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 113

And Twitter is designed for the lazy with its character limitations

Not really for the lazy. It was designed with the 140 character limit when tweets were originally entered via SMS messages, leaving a little extra for the user's name and not going over the 160 character limit for a single message.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 102

So, a trademark is only valid in the area of business in which it is used. It isn't a blanket "nobody can use my catchphrase".

Which means this can pretty much only be used to ... what ... introduce a new watch by a CEO wearing a black turtleneck at the end of a keynote address? It sure as hell can't be used to prevent people from using it in a general sense.

If you look at the registration, it tells exactly what areas it can't be used in (slightly reformatted for readability):

511 International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) - NCL(10-2015)

-Apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound or images;
-electronic payment processing apparatus, apparatus for processing cashless payment transactions;
-magnetic recording media, sound recording disks;
-compact disks, DVDs and other digital recording media;
-apparatus enabling the playing of compressed sound files (MP3);
-calculating machines and data processing equipment, software;
-game software for mobile telephones, for computers and for digital personal stereos;
-electronic game software for mobile telephones, for computers and for digital personal stereos;
-computers, portable computers, handheld computers, mobile computers, personal computers, wrist computers, electronic tablets and computerized and mobile devices, digital personal stereos, mobile telephones and new-generation mobile telephones featuring greater functionality (smartphones);
-telecommunication apparatus and instruments;
-apparatus for recording, transmission, reproduction of sound or images, particularly mobile telephones and new-generation mobile telephones incorporating greater functionality (smartphones);
-hand-held electronic apparatus for accessing the Internet and sending, receiving, recording and storing short messages, electronic messages, telephone calls, faxes, video conferences, images, sound, music, text and other digital data;
-handheld electronic apparatus for wireless receiving, storing and transmitting of data or messages;
-handheld electronic apparatus for monitoring and organizing personal information;
-handheld electronic apparatus for global positioning [GPS] and displaying maps and transport information;
-handheld electronic devices for detecting, monitoring, storing, surveillance and transmitting data relating to the user activity, namely position, itinerary, distance traveled, heart rate;
-covers for computers, portable and mobile telephones;
-optical apparatus and instruments, particularly spectacles, sunglasses, magnifying glasses;
-cases for spectacles, magnifying glasses and sunglasses;
-batteries and cells for computers and electronic and chronometric apparatus.

-Precious metals and their alloys and goods made of these materials or coated therewith included in this class, namely figurines, trophies;
-jewelry, namely rings, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, charms, brooches, chains, necklaces, tie pins, tie clips, jewelry caskets, jewelry cases;
-precious stones, semi-precious stones;
-timepieces and chronometric instruments, namely chronometers, chronographs, clocks, watches, wristwatches, wall clocks, alarm clocks as well as parts and accessories for the aforesaid goods, namely hands, anchors, pendulums, barrels, watch cases, watch straps, watch dials, clockworks, watch chains, movements for timepieces, watch springs, watch glasses, presentation cases for timepieces, cases for timepieces.

Anything not listed, or in a generic sense would be fair game (unless covered by someone else's trademark that is).

Comment Re:Never understood this (Score 2) 102

A trademark protects the owner in the subject area that the trademark is assigned to from competitors using the same phrase creating brand confusion. Swatch's trademark is for "SWATCH ONE MORE THING" in a bunch of areas basically jewelry/watches and electronics.

Other's can use the word/phrase still. Some infomercial could use it about all the wonderful stuff their new magical goo can do, as long as it wasn't for jewelry or an electronic device. Steve Jobs, were he alive today, could use the phrase as part of a presentation, as long as he wasn't using it as a catch phrase. It would just prohibit Apple from naming their next product "One more thing" or launching an ad campaign where that was the slogan, because both of those things could cause confusion to consumers.

Comment Re:Move it around first .... simple! (Score 1) 280

Arrangement of say 5 elements on a given surface is finite (unless you want to go into args like "these fries 3mm apart instead of 1 and facing 2 o'clock instead of 3").

You can't just ignore positioning details though. Would you say a copyright for a written work only includes just the order of letters without regard to spacing and punctuation? For for a musical work just the sequence of notes and not duration of notes, pauses, and timbre?

Comment Re:The New Business Model (Score 1) 144

The rights to the move are owned by Voltage Pictures. They've been going after downloaders since The Hurt Locker came out and for multiple movies since. It's hardly a "New Business Model".

Plus, even if they get the statutory maximums they are still going to be well short of what the film cost to make and distribute. It had a estimated budget of $10m and box office/VOD receipts of $24k.

Comment Re:This will be the death of mechanical hard drive (Score 1) 80

Obviously you haven't ever had a redundant RAID cluster fail. I personally always suggest a redundant array of inexpensive redundant RAID disks. Or if you want to be EXTRA cautious, even mirroring that would give an extra layer of protection.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?