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Comment Re: Deny ALL Cookies (Score 2) 419

It's not legally required that the popup is actually a popup though, is it? Numerous sites I've visited have had some form of a popup, but many also just have the notification as part of the normal flow of content in the page. There's usually an option to hide or close it for future views, but it's unobtrusive as part of the design.

Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

I suspect that he has no idea at all what this whole 'checks and balances' thing actually does.

From a recent speech Trump gave:

And certainly what Barack Obama was doing with the executive orderâ"he doesnâ(TM)t want to get people together! You know? The old-fashioned way where you get Congress.... You get the Congress, you get the Senate. You get together. You do legislation.

He doesn't even know how laws are made or how the two houses of the legislative branch operate. You know, the Congress and the Senate.

Comment Re:Public Cam Footage? (Score 1) 186

Video from the police cruiser cam might be useful for a stalker to figure out where she lives.

If you're a serious stalker at all, you already know where she lives. You followed her home, or you searched for her on any one of numerous public databases or websites. Or you just request the police report which is usually also part of public record anyway.

Comment Re:Not a "warm glow" (Score 2) 338

An incandescent when you dim it, it runs cooler and as a result it goes to more of a red color instead of the yellow white color it normally runs at.

A shift toward red is warmer, not cooler.

I think he means that when you dim an incandescent, it's thermodynamic temperature is cooler. The filament shifts from a shade of white towards the red, creating a color temperature that is warmer.

Comment Re:Young people moving away? (Score 1) 760

Oh and only an idiot would think you could grow plants under opaque objects.

I guess people in japan are idiots.

Also, if you took the 2 seconds to follow the link I provided in my original post you'd see that I searched for desert solar farms. It's not very surprising that plants don't grow very well in a desert. It was a selective use of evidence to argue for a particular point even though the solar farm was a red herring for why the plants really didn't grow.

Rubes like you would probably blame them for making the tomato plants cancerous though.

It's rubes like you that are to blame for not understanding sarcasm, even obvious sarcasm clearly indicated with /s.

Comment Re:Young people moving away? (Score 1) 760

a town council willing to be swayed by nonsensical arguments,

Can you PROVE a solar farm doesn't cause cancer? It also seems pretty plausible (at least based on pictures that growing crops under the panels doesn't work too well. And the panels are sucking up solar energy (albeit to output electricity) although sucking up ALL the energy is a bit of an exaggeration.

It seems to me that the town is on very solid ground here. /s

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