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Comment Re: Diesel v ordinary - THAT would be nasty (Score 1) 123

In my old a4 3.2 it definitely went into safe mode on bad gas. In my newer s5 4.2 I haven't seen this but I suspect bad gas would do it. The dealership said this was a protective mechanism when I asked. So possibly just in the more modern cars running at higher compression ratios.

Comment Re:Anyone Running Windows Steam Through Wine? (Score 1) 178

FNV works well on Wine with a couple of exceptions. 1. No sound for gunshots only(you can hear the slide and the action but no fire). 2. Cant use the 4GB patched version(this appears to be Steam's fault and not Wine's. Steam is doing some stupid checking on the executable. As to other games YMMV. Some perform better some perform a bit worse than on windows and there are usually just little annoyances.

Comment Re:RMS mentions a comparable situation (Score 1) 266

Your free to distribute your patches separately or fork the project if you don't like the way its going. My distro Gentoo does this all the time when there are patches that upstream doesn't want to accept. It could also be your fault I can see developers not wanting to accept patches that aren't coded well or don't follow thier vision for the architecture. So since you can fork or distribute patches what are you complaining about?

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