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Submission + - Whitehouse 'listened' to concerns about innovation->

ccham writes: Today David Plouffe responded to feedback provided to Advise the Advisor by the public. This was highlighted on Slashdot and Groklaw a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly enough, the comments he responds to include all the important issues — education, broadband access, high speed rail, and clean energy. Oh yeah, and a vague sentence about putting patent reform in the budget. Democracy at work. Thanks to everyone that submitted comments.
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Comment Except for the few years it stuck in Ubuntu (Score 0, Troll) 393 393

No, ignore the problem after all there is plenty of randomness available in Ubuntu. Randomly qualified maintainers fiddling with other randomly qualified maintainer's fiddling of the original maintainer's code. Nothing wrong what so ever with packaging in meta Linux distros...

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