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Comment: Re:Glad for the heads-up (Score 1) 89

by ccanucs (#48519691) Attached to: Fraudulent Apps Found In Apple's Store

OK. So, seems like *Google* removed the functionality. From their support page:

"As of April 1, 2014, you will not be able to access files from any cloud storage services including Google Drive from within Quickoffice Pro and Pro HD applications. For existing Quickoffice Pro and Quickoffice Pro HD users, you can continue to use your existing app to create, view and edit documents, although moving to the Quickoffice app will allow you to take advantage of new features and updates to the product. For these reasons, we recommend downloading the Quickoffice app."

So, not exactly in and of itself a scam.... ... except - of course, that I originally paid money for the app and now my purchase is useless...

Well - glad I found this out ! :-/

Comment: Glad for the heads-up (Score 1) 89

by ccanucs (#48519611) Attached to: Fraudulent Apps Found In Apple's Store

I have and have used QuickOffice Pro which *was* a valid app. Reading the article I didn't even know QuickOffice Pro had been bought out by Google and retired.

So, useful information from my perspective.

I had not used it recently since I do not usually use typical "office" type apps on an iPad - mostly use it for professional music production instead, and the only reason I had it on there was to make edits to a spreadsheet that contained DAW track lists and assignments, but I can also access those another way, so I hadn't fired it up since installing it on a newer iPad.

I have just checked and the same problem exists with the Android version of the app. so it's not specific to Apple or the iPad store.

Comment: Re:There can be only one.... (Score 1) 402

by ccanucs (#47593603) Attached to: Comparison: Linux Text Editors

I write of the order of tens of thousands of lines of Perl a year. Most of it runs for years without any need for debugging. Easier to write something that works correctly the first time. At least - I find it so. And, yes, I program in quite a number of other mainstream languages too - as well as a number of others that aren't like APL and Prolog. But - this thread was about vi ;-)

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