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Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 1) 1165

Domestic terrorism in the US is mostly perpetrated by white right wing males with guns or bombs. This is a fact.

I would go on to say that it's conservatism that is the real enemy. The liberals in all of the countries in the world want to cooperate with each other and build a society. Conservatives want to fight each other. Take Iran as an example. The liberals in the US and Iran wanted to stand down and create a working thriving peace. The Conservatives in both countries want war.

There is an unaddressed pathology at play in the conservative mind.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 3, Informative) 231

I love Bernie but he's probably not electable and even if by some miracle he were, I don't think he would be able to bend congress to his will.

The single biggest threat is American stupidity. Americans by and large are stupid and incredibly susceptible to propaganda.

I must point out how incredible it is that the republican field is filled with creationists, war mongers, misogynists and global warming deniers and the top three candidates have never held any public office. They truly are the party of stupidity.

Comment Science and Christianity are NOT compatible (Score 3, Insightful) 260

The idea that science and Christianity are compatible is a comfortable lie(for some). You would never accept a new vaccine because someone had a vision in a dream and then woke up and wrote down the formula. You would use the scientific method to determine if a vaccine works or not. Religion demands that you take the word of some unknown person having a revelation thousands of years ago as the truth for some pretty important questions. You are forced to not investigate and not question. This is the antithesis of science.

Comment Re:One term. (Score 4, Interesting) 67

When you have term limits you get self serving politicians like they have in Florida. Running a government is far different than running a business and should be. You want to encourage professionalism and ethics. Certainly many career politicians are awful, but a great many are fantastic. You throw the baby out with the bathwater when you talk about severe term limits and you ignore the responsibility of the citizenry to be engaged.

In Florida you have a high turnover rate because of ridiculous term limits and because of that you get a lot of amateurs running the government who know they aren't going to be holding the office for long so they set up some nice opportunities for themselves and their friends before they go. It's a nightmare.

Sure, some term limits are reasonable. You don't want executive positions in populous areas to be able to stay indefinitely, but often rural areas have a very small number of qualified people and that makes it almost impossible to have decent government when there are only two qualified people in town to be the town chair.

Simple answers to complex problems often do a lot of harm when applied to social constructs.

I love that the judge ruled so thoroughly and swiftly. Can you imagine single term limits for judges? In many states judges have to run for office.

Comment Re:Discrimination under ADA (Score 1) 356

Disabling the pinch to zoom drives me up the wall. It's enough to make me want to deep six the site into my hosts file, but I can't do that either unless I'm using my Surface RT. Generally the RT sucks because of a lack of apps, but one thing I love about it is that I can easily edit my hosts file without having to go to extraordinary lengths to root it. I know this may sound fanboyish but I think web browsing is better on my surface than on my Galaxy tab or my wife's iPad. Swiping left and right for forward and back is so nice. I can't understand why all the mobile browsers don't do it.

I really like the idea of going after those sites for ADA violations.

Comment Re:Fire all the officers? (Score 1) 515

Where do you think the new ones come from? If a cop is fired they tend to move to another jurisdiction and continue with the same bad behavior.

Training and leadership is the issue. At some point leadership condoned this behavior. It takes a long time to change a police department from an Us vs Them mentality to a "we're all in this community together" mentality.

Of course, a police officer is going to play it a lot differently when confronted with a middle aged white male.

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