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Comment: No Kidding (Score 2) 510

by carrier lost (#46015737) Attached to: Senator Dianne Feinstein: NSA Metadata Program Here To Stay

"'..."I don't believe so," Feinstein said during an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press. "The president has very clearly said that he wants to continue to recieve the funding provided by the contractors who supply the equipment, software and bodies involved in this billion-dollar operation. So I think we would agree with him. I know a dominant majority of the - everybody, virtually, except two or three, on the Senate Intelligence Committee would agree with that." ... "A lot of the privacy people, perhaps, don't understand that we still need massive amounts of campaign funds going into this next election cycle", Feinstein said. "We need to be prepared. Television spots and Youtube ads are frickin' expensive!"'"

Comment: Line Sharing (Score 1) 383

by carrier lost (#45956111) Attached to: Federal Court Kills Net Neutrality, Says FCC Lacks Authority.

I can't say it enough.

Line sharing, line sharing, line sharing.

From a 2009 Ars Technica article:

"...mandating "open access" to broadband networks works really, really well as a way to boost speeds and lower costs."


If ISPs want to experiment with data-caps and pay-to-play systems, let them. If there's 10 ISPs in town they can all offer different packages. Competition and market-forces will do the rest.

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