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Comment Re:No News on bikes? (Score 2) 145

We get Amazon deliveries up here in Canada by girls on Rollerblades. I ended up getting involved with one of them, long story short, very high maintenance. I had to get in a fight with all of her exes, who were all kind of dicks. One of them killed me, but luckily I had an extra life. Anyway, it somehow all seemingly worked out in the end.

The point I am trying to make is that this is a bad idea since Amazon delivery girls are bad news and attract really crazy exes. Having more of these girls around can only spell trouble. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Amazon delivery girls for your own sake, and the sake of your friends. Trust me on this.

--Scott P.

Comment Re:Uh on I might be in serious trouble. (Score 1) 138

That depends, are you selling it as an unlicensed Knight Rider KITT conversion kit? No? Then you are probably OK.

I am very much on the side of Fair Use and dislike the abuse of copyright that has all but killed the public domain and reduced pop-culture into this sick rehash of regurgitating the same IP time and again, but selling unlicensed replicas of the Batmobile cannot really be defended.

This isn't some guy who did a home conversion and was showing it off, or even mashing up and or parodying the design elements into a new design, this is profiting off of the deliberate theft of an iconic design plain and simple.

Comment Re:Even old games! (Score 1) 230

Yes, but WOW is an online-only game so it is a pretty fair assumption that you have a decent internet connection. In this case, the cds were more of a convenience to keep Blizzards servers from getting massively hammered on launch week.

The benefit of having a console game is that it should work right out of the box without ever needing an Internet connection.

Comment Free Time is the only currency worth a damn (Score 5, Insightful) 474

Every company that gives perks like that is only because they want you to stay all hours of the day and night. Sure, that is great and all and the money is wonderful at those places, I'm sure. However, the only thing that many of us care about is actual free time.

It seems like the whole culture is pushing this "Work your life away because it is the American thing to do" agenda. "40 hours a week is for lazy gits who will get nowhere in the workplace." Hell, where I work, don't work less than 90 hours a week if you want to make it through your next performance review. Most people start with at least 7 "use it or lose it" personal days and god help you if you actually try to take one. I am lucky because, as a contractor, they actually think twice about making me stay late as it is costing them. Salaried, I would never want to work there as that kind of environment is toxic to one's health and soul. This kind of shit is what makes tech workers hate their jobs.

Work to live and not live to work, words to live by.

Comment Re:When we asked about something liike this.... (Score 1) 52

Correct. You can't cure cancer for the same reason you can't cure the Common Cold. Because there is no "Common Cold" just as there is no "Cancer". What you have is dozens or hundreds of different things that cause very similar symptoms that get grouped together to be named "Cancer" just as there are hundreds of different viruses that can give you cold-like symptoms.

Cancer itself can be caused by genetic predisposition, viral infections, chemical exposure, radiation, excess exposure to the sun, or whathaveyou. Now, If you can treat what is common to all or most of them, you might be able to reduce it little more than a nuisance that is curable in 80-90% of cases instead of the generally survivable ordeal that it is now. However, it will not be eradicated anytime in the near future.

Comment Re:I never "install" OS'es on existing machines (Score 1) 272

I hate to tell you, but Windows 10 runs way better than Vista on the same hardware. While Vista has been mostly stabilized, it still runs dog-slow. Windows 10 is also a natural upgrade to Windows 8, especially if you want to get rid of that godforsaken user interface. Windows 7, however, is best left alone.

Comment Re:They are dead (Score 1) 70

1) Just because they showed up as "ghosts" doesn't mean they were ghosts. Mulder was hallucinating.

2) We know nothing about the story much less how they will come back. It might very well be a flashback sequence or an archived video tape from before they died or something.

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