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Comment Free Time is the only currency worth a damn (Score 5, Insightful) 447

Every company that gives perks like that is only because they want you to stay all hours of the day and night. Sure, that is great and all and the money is wonderful at those places, I'm sure. However, the only thing that many of us care about is actual free time.

It seems like the whole culture is pushing this "Work your life away because it is the American thing to do" agenda. "40 hours a week is for lazy gits who will get nowhere in the workplace." Hell, where I work, don't work less than 90 hours a week if you want to make it through your next performance review. Most people start with at least 7 "use it or lose it" personal days and god help you if you actually try to take one. I am lucky because, as a contractor, they actually think twice about making me stay late as it is costing them. Salaried, I would never want to work there as that kind of environment is toxic to one's health and soul. This kind of shit is what makes tech workers hate their jobs.

Work to live and not live to work, words to live by.

Comment Re:a realist would say Ashley Madison is just a th (Score 1) 449

Or... gurps_npc is a socialist idiot who doesn't know how humans are actually motivated.

Well, what do you expect from a Non-Player Character in the General Universal Role Playing System? Sounds like little more than a personality-less stat-sheet to me.

Comment Re:When we asked about something liike this.... (Score 1) 52

Correct. You can't cure cancer for the same reason you can't cure the Common Cold. Because there is no "Common Cold" just as there is no "Cancer". What you have is dozens or hundreds of different things that cause very similar symptoms that get grouped together to be named "Cancer" just as there are hundreds of different viruses that can give you cold-like symptoms.

Cancer itself can be caused by genetic predisposition, viral infections, chemical exposure, radiation, excess exposure to the sun, or whathaveyou. Now, If you can treat what is common to all or most of them, you might be able to reduce it little more than a nuisance that is curable in 80-90% of cases instead of the generally survivable ordeal that it is now. However, it will not be eradicated anytime in the near future.

Comment Re:I never "install" OS'es on existing machines (Score 1) 272

I hate to tell you, but Windows 10 runs way better than Vista on the same hardware. While Vista has been mostly stabilized, it still runs dog-slow. Windows 10 is also a natural upgrade to Windows 8, especially if you want to get rid of that godforsaken user interface. Windows 7, however, is best left alone.

Comment Everything but Learn CAD (Score 2) 266

A 3D printer is great for people who know CAD. I love my little Afinia. Sure, I have printed out my fair share of toys and models. But where it comes in handy is when I need something very specific to solve a problem both at home and work.

For instance, I bought my grandma a weather station for her birthday. However, there was no place to mount some of the sensors. After about a half-hour of design work and about 45 minutes printing time, I had some quick plates that I could glue to the shed and screw to the fence posts to mount the temperature and wind sensors. Sure, I might have went to the hardware store and looked for a solution, but that would have taken much longer than the hour and 15 minutes it took me to design and print something.

Simply put, if you know CAD or are willing to learn, 3D printers are great. If you are only going to print what other people have made, don't bother. After the toys and other tat, you will lose interest and probably feel like you wasted your money.

Comment Re:Can we go back to R/C Planes? (Score 1) 268

I am all for hobbyist RC helicopters. Hell, I own two. However, I also believe that if they are capable of flying high enough to interfere with actual aircraft they cease to be toys and become unlicensed remotely operated aircraft, or drones. This is not some $200 toy quadcopter from Amazon, this was a 4-foot wide drone in a no-fly zone.

Comment Flexible Automation is Hard (Score 3, Interesting) 45

As an engineer who works developing flexible automation solutions, this stuff is hard and it is expensive. Sure, it is worth it for companies in North America and Europe (our main customers) because people are even more expensive. But in countries like China and India, this is more of a prestige thing than an actual business case because people are cheap and flexible solutions are not.

Now, I say flexible because the problem with industrial automation is cheap or flexible, pick one. We can easily make a machine for cranking out a product, maybe even a for a family of products. However, if it is a low demand part or worse, is not expected to be around in 10+ years, that machine will be a large useless paperweight. Those that come to us are looking for solutions for when the next product is here, they can hire an engineer to reconfigure to make it work.

My guess, this guy make a prediction without knowing the reality of actual automation and was forced to eat his words.

Comment Re:Distressingly easy? Not yet. BUT... (Score 2) 165

There is nothing wrong with computerizing the engine, brakes, and so forth in and of themselves. This has been going on for years and has helped make cars lighter, cheaper, and more fuel efficient with better onboard diagnostics to boot.

The problem lies when companies stop designing their control systems as closed loops. It is often cheaper to use wireless devices rather than wired and many car manufactures (and law enforcement) want the ability to remotely control the car and push firmware updates and what-have-you. Sadly, these systems are not built for any kind of security outside of "Only I can use these frequencies and no one knows my protocol" kind of security through obscurity. That is where someone with a $50 software radio and a laptop can wreak havoc either through signal jamming or direct hacking.

TLDR: It isn't computers that are the problem, it is leaving your control systems open for wireless intrusion.

Comment Re:Yeah sure (Score 5, Informative) 205

You do realize that Disney is one of the largest multimedia conglomerates in the world, right? While the word Disney gives rise to images of cartoon princesses they also own ABC, Marvel, and the Lucasfilm properties, among many other things.

To say they only make princess movies is like saying Kraft only makes crappy cheese products or Pepsi only makes cola.

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