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Comment: Re:Total cost? (Score 1) 647

by cappadocius (#29177913) Attached to: Apple To Ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard On August 28
For myself:
  • I bought a computer in 2001 that came with MacOS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.0: running total of $0 on OS
  • Users of OS X got OS X 10.1 for a media fee: running total of $15 on OS
  • I bought OS X 10.2 for $80 educational (was $130 non-educational): running total of $95 on OS
  • I skipped OS X 10.3 because I didn't like it, effectively saving $130.: still running total of $95 on OS
  • I bought OS X 10.4 for $130: running total of $225 on OS
  • I bought a new computer in 2007. Had I waited a bit I could have gotten OS X 10.5 for free. Paid $130 instead: running total of $355 on OS
  • Am buying OS X 10.6 for the $30 or whatever: running total of $385 on OS.

Likely this version of the OS will last 2 years, so that's less than $400 for one decade and two computers.

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