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Comment Wide-reaching injunction to sweeping judgement (Score 1) 292

I hope that Gigg's lawyers don't manage to convince the judge that there should be a one-size fits all ruling/judgement against people who tweeted about Giggs before the MP broke the gagging aspect of the injunction. This wide-reaching injunction-happy judiciary may be prone to making sweeping punishment-happy rulings that can ruin people's lives more so than being a minor celebrity being caught up in a minor scandal published in low quality tabloids.

Comment How about some broadband love in cities first (Score 2) 81

I live in Cheltenham, UK (a city of approximately 100,000) and my 5 year old flat block has over 150 units in it; but due to anti-competitive ISP consolidation (and very bad business decisions), companies haven't invested in modern internet infrastructure. I've seen my local exchange. It is a barely manageable mess of copper cables and dangling punch down blocks which isn't due an to upgrade to support ADSL2 for more than a year.

The fastest internet connection I can purchase is a mere 2.2mbps downstream/100 kbps upstream; I had faster internet access 20 years ago when I lived in Ottawa, Canada. Screw the villagers, put the money were the population is.

Comment Re:UK already rejected (Score 1) 695

It may be that the UK has already rejected the idea; however, there is a large £300m pound fine against London for being the most polluted city in the UK. The fine, coupled with the potential congestion charge expansions, the result may still be no petrol cars in London in 39 years.


Submission + - Web Design Bounties?

canwaf writes: "I'm a university student, and I'm pretty capable when it comes to whipping up a webpage, but I don't have time to debug XHTML/CSS's differing interpretations across the various web browsers used. Since open source bounties can bring people with coding issues together with people who have the solutions, is there an equivalent for web-design? Are there general bounty sites hiding around in the net? Have you ever hired someone to get that errant pixel out of the way? What were your experiences?"

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