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Comment: Re:If you know anything about statistics... (Score 1) 512

by canuck08 (#28362283) Attached to: Statistical Suspicions In Iran's Election

Iranians are not backwards peons dumbly ruled by overlords.
They have conducted elections many times before which have returned representative results.
The modern, highly educated people of Tehran certainly think that they are capable of conducting a fair election.

As for what can be done about it... well, read a little about Iran's history and you will see that they are quite capable of 'doing something about it'.

Comment: Re:FFS (Score 0, Offtopic) 121

by canuck08 (#27953171) Attached to: Successful Launch of ESA's Herschel and Planck

Since English is not your first language all of these grammatical errors are totally forgivable.

Here are a few more corrections, just for fun.

...ESA launched successfully new and long awaiting spacecrafts...

Should be: '...long awaited...'

...Herschel and Planck are one of the most expensive and important...

Should be: '...are two of the most...'

They were built to perform measurements with an outstanding quality.

Should be: 'They were built to perform measurements of outstanding quality.'

The final sentence is basically a write-off. I would scrap it and try again. Try breaking it up into several sentences.

One thing you should actually get right is the proper name of the rocket! Ariane with an 'e'!

Comment: Re:Why does it only kill Mexicans? (Score 1) 116

by canuck08 (#27804213) Attached to: Swine Flu Genetics Suggest a Vaccine Is Possible

There is as yet no explanation for this.
There is some speculation but for the moment we cannot say with any confidence why there have been no deaths outside of Mexico.

It is worth noting that the number of infections outside of Mexico is not yet high enough to provide a reliable statistical sample.

The sequencing of the complete genome may yield some clues.

Comment: Re:Stop the madness (Score 1) 116

by canuck08 (#27804023) Attached to: Swine Flu Genetics Suggest a Vaccine Is Possible


(a) Mexico's response.
Detection and tracking of the outbreak has been better than ever before thanks to the new arrangements and co-operation between national governments and the WHO.
Co-operation and diligence has resulted in what may be the fastest detection and response to a new virus in history.

(b) Other government responses.
I am only closely tracking the response of Canada's public health agency and that of America's CDC.
They have been doing all the right things.
Testing, tracking, sequencing the genome and developing the feed stock for the vaccine.
Communicating with the public to help people protect themselves effectively.

From what I read in the news, China and Russia are another story.
Egypt has aparrently gone insane.

(c) Health care response.
Your point here is rather vague. I have no idea what you are talking about.
Who did what that you did not like? Who did not do something you wanted them to do? Who are you talking about?

You know who IS responding inapporopriately and making things worse? The people shouting incoherent and nonsensical messages of panic.

If you want to do something to help... Wash your hands and remind others to do the same.
If you've got some skills and inspiration then please come up with a faster method of growing vaccines.

Comment: Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 1) 1870

by canuck08 (#27618187) Attached to: Pirate Bay Trial Ends In Jail Sentences

You are so right... Just imagine a world without Mozart or Shakespeare... DaVinci or Rembrandt.
Tchaikovsky or Beethoven.
oh wait... that was before we came up the idea of copyright.

Never mind.
Imagine a world without multi-million dollar commercial art.... no Britney Spears or N-Sync?!?!?...

Comment: Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 1) 1870

by canuck08 (#27618025) Attached to: Pirate Bay Trial Ends In Jail Sentences

"...the creator of that work to have a say in how and when its reproduced that are being preserved."

As far as I know our copyright laws are the first incarnation of a restriction on what words or songs may be repeated.

We instituted these laws for the express purpose of boosting economic activity.
I think you should re-examine your preconceptions.

You are lost in the Swamps of Despair.