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+ - How A "Superbaby" Is Leading To New Medic

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: A baby boy with unusually big muscles — caused by a gene mutation — is leading to new muscular dystrophy drugs. Forbes has the story, from the gene's discovery in mice, then in cattle (lots of beefy breeds have a mutated copy) to the current quest for new medicines, which pits a tiny biotech against drug giant Wyeth. ml?partner=yahoomag

+ - Lakes found under Antarctic ice using space lasers

Submitted by
Reverse Gear
Reverse Gear writes: "There is a new study circling the media about these newly found big lakes found underneath the antarctic ice sheets that apparently empty and fills back up quite fast (study has been working in 3 years and has detected massive movements), from the article:

The scientists allay fears that global warming has created these pockets of water. They say these lakes lie some 2,300 feet below compressed snow and ice, too deep for environmental temperature to reach. However, it is necessary to understand what causes the phenomenon as it can facilitate an understanding of the impact of climate change on the ice sheet in Antarctica
NASA also has some information on the technique used to detect these lakes"

+ - Clinton's Password Protected Blog Revealed

Submitted by
Chris Chiasson
Chris Chiasson writes: "It isn't mentioned on Clinton's front page right now, but I pulled the story from their news feed. I added the feed to Google Reader a few days ago, even though it was an authenticated feed. Either they disabled the authentication for Google's robots or they accidentally left it unprotected for a few minutes but, AFAIK, we now have the first three entries of Clinton's "guest blog" before they have been linked from the front page and password unprotected."
User Journal

Journal: E-Ink and rollable displays

Journal by msobkow

The latest article on rollable E-Ink displays sounds an awful lot like the PDA video phones used in one of the Gene Roddenberry series. They just happen to be black and white prototypes, and still need some improvement on things like voice and touch-screen input. Tag in the biometric thumb scan security, and you'd have one interesting little overpriced device. :)


Interstellar Ark 703

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the yeah-good-luck-with-that dept.
xantox writes "There are three strategies to travel 10.5 light-years from Earth to Epsilon Eridani and bring humanity into a new stellar system : 1) Wait for future discovery of Star Trek physics and go there almost instantaneously, 2) Build a relativistic rocket powered by antimatter and go there in 22 years by accelerating constantly at 1g, provided that you master stellar amounts of energy (so, nothing realistic until now), but what about 3): go there by classical means, by building a gigantic Ark of several miles in radius, propulsed by nuclear fusion and featuring artificial gravity, oceans and cities, for a travel of seven centuries — where many generations of men and women would live ? This new speculation uses some actual physics and math to figure out how far are our fantasies of space travel from their actual implementation."

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