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Comment: Only 2 DIMM? (Score 1) 133

And only supports 16 GB. Yes, thats too little, I usually run multiple VMs and 16 GB is the bare minimum.
That's why I have to put up with the Lenovo W540/W541, with his horrible touchpad, but hey, it got 32 GB and supports two HDDs plus an M2 SSD.
Even Lenovo W550 go back to only 2 DIMMs, but at least it supports 16 GB DIMMS, even if they are like 500 u$s each right now.

Comment: Bitcoin? Nonsense (Score 5, Insightful) 294

Hi from Buenos Aires.

No, the solution is not going cashless. We don't have a banking problem. We have a currency problem, because the government steals from us in the form of inflation. Going cashless is giving the government more power to screw us.

Also we know very well how to play this game. If you can save, you buy other currencies like dollars. Or houses, if you are rich.
If you need the money, you convert and spend as fast as possible. Inefficient and somewhat expensive, but possible.

Bitcoin is easier to transfer, but too volatile. You might as well save in pesos.

Comment: Bremsstrahlung effect? (Score 2, Interesting) 70

by cachimaster (#48623899) Attached to: Terrestrial Gamma Ray Bursts Very Common

Xrays produced by the Bremsstrahlung effect are proportional to the voltage of free-electrons hitting an atom. That is, a 30kV electron would produce X-ray light with a spectrum centered in 30kV.

Rays have millions of volts and should be expected to produce X-rays of mega-electronvolts energy, this is gamma-ray energy levels.

But Bremsstrahlung needs vacuum, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about.

Comment: Opera Developer (Score 0) 181

Firefox is dog slow in Ubuntu box (Core I5!) always taking 20%-30% cpu.
Chrome, not much better. Just tried Opera Developer (chromium based I believe) and the difference is abysmal. 0% cpu at idle, fast as lightning, I installed lots of plugins into Opera and it still it consumes no CPU. Why Firefox or chrome can't be like this?

Comment: Re:More like Gamma-ray devices (Score 2) 113

by cachimaster (#44989879) Attached to: 3mm Inexpensive Chip Revolutionizes Electron Accelerators

Fair enough, just two questions:
1) An electron hitting an atom will produce photons with the same energy via the Bremsstrahlung effect. As electrons will hit atoms sometimes, 300 MeV electrons means you will have 300 MeV photons, right?
2) How much energy a photon needs to transmute an atom? I believe it's lower than 300 MeV (but as a commenter said, it's 300 MeV *per meter* so really you need a lot of those devices chained together for them to become dangerous, I guess)

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