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Comment Deconstruction algorithms. (Score 1) 50

I wonder is they are going the wrong way about it. The dialog's between the user's and Siri are
truncated and one-sided.
What Siri needs to do is to collect conversations for one or two years of millions of users and learn
to carry it's own conversations before is ready to help anyone.
Perhap's Siri needs some help from the people in the NSA.

Comment Re:Um excuse me ... (Score 1) 543

Well Duh!
Parse for

and replace w/

hell, you can collect the line numbers of every location where joe_method2() is defined
and joe_method() and then swap the occurrances and create a report and on post it on web
using Python or Ruby or Bash or Perl and hell, reverse it on the fly if need it.
Sometimes IDE gives you the illusion of knowledge. Sometimes you cannot right-click your way out it a problem.

Comment Re:Um excuse me ... (Score 1) 543

grep -rl "Class Joe" * | xargs sed -e /s/void joe_method/void joe_method2/g {}

there, finds the Class, replaces method name. Sure is not bulletproof and esay to refine can be automated and shipped to China.
IDE's are to programming what RAP is to music. Yes I love RAP but you know-what-I-mean, jelly-bean.

Submission + - sshd brute force attack: A crime? 1

cabazorro writes: So you login to your favorite server just to find out tha a remote attack to place. An ip from a domain in Israel attempted to break in by using over 2k usernames (mostly names of girls and cartoon caracters). Is it a crime? I feel like finding that bot and set it on fire.

Comment Re:Give Me Dispassionate Information Any Day (Score 2, Interesting) 202

"True Enough"

That's a title of the book by Farhad Manjoo

It is a human condition to search for the information that reaffirms a pre-established set of beliefs
(comes from the book) that reinforce our own opinions (like Slashdot).

Google weakness is their scope. When it comes to information, they are the GM of the 60's.
In house, vertical, total control.

Facebook banks on that a groups people that exchange information that they find _useful_.

Social networks should not be flat but holistic. They must grow withing their local contexts.

"True Enough"
Great book. I recommend it.

Comment Social Norms vs. Market Norms (Score 1) 202

Facebook muscles itself on others by social norms and peer pressure (Like a Thanksgiving dinner you dread to assist)
Sure, go ahead and stay out of Facebook but don't blow a gasket by the the fact that people are talking about YOU on it.

The Market Norms put information exchange as a commodity.
The Social Norms put information exchange as a human activity (like breathing)

The trick is to make the humans feel a safe and familiar experience (like a quiet summer afternoon conversation in you uncle's porch) when
typing away are a social network web site. Trick people using social norms to hand out information to be treated using market norms.

Google knows it's that IT is being perceived as a information crunching machine and subconsciously humans don't trust machines.

Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (notice their names) are percieved as human driven connection "thingy" where humans interact. Like a cork
board outside the supermarket t.

But mark my words. Google is going to do something about that. They will spin off something or buy some start up to to create an aura
of humanity around their algorithms.

A simple GIF with o a floating balloon behind the search field won't do.

"The number of Unix installations has grown to 10, with more expected." -- The Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972