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Comment: Re:And A Rebuttal (Score 1) 360

by cHALiTO (#46153807) Attached to: Why Games Should Be In the Public Domain

I disagree.
Just as with physical products, you can't tell someone to whom you just sold a car what he can or cannot do with it, once you sell a copy of an IP, you don't get to say what they can or cannot do with it (as long as it's between the bounds of copyright law, which IMO should only concern copying for distribution, public performance, etc), no matter how much you might dislike it. If you don't want people making other stuff with your work because you might not like what they do, then don't sell it.
Otherwise, you're not "selling", you're just authorizing use for a particular limited purpose (or renting) and we should stop calling that kind of thing a sale.
Copyright somehow went from "I sell you this copy, which becomes yours, but you have to respect these few restrictions as stated in copyright laws" to "here's a copy of my stuff, you can do NOTHING with it except these few things which I state in the EULA, even although you paid for it and I said it was a sale."
Fuck that. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

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by cHALiTO (#45280163) Attached to: How Big Data Is Destroying the US Healthcare System

"Without profit, companies wont do the research necessary to create the drugs. Without profits companies won't create the manufacturing systems necessary to make drugs widely available. Without capitalism doctors won't make heart transplants a routine occurrence."

Cuba disagrees. And even if you're not willing to go that far, you'd realize there's other ways of producing meds and doing research other than private for-profit ones.

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by cHALiTO (#45153349) Attached to: US Government Shutdown Ends

I have never heard of such a thing here, and I live in argentina, which is supposed to be a 3rd world country. A few years ago I considered the possibility to go live in the US (my girlfriend at the time had got a grant there so I was consider going with her), and the cost of healthcare was my biggest reason not to do it.

Comment: Re:153 GOP voted to default (Score 2, Insightful) 999

by cHALiTO (#45151635) Attached to: US Government Shutdown Ends

Man, how I wish I had mod points. I always tell the same to every idiot who comes babbling about how they earned their stuff on their own, with nobody's help (self-made man bullshit) so they can justify being self-centered, every-man-for-himself assholes. The fact that some people manage to get where they get in life (no matter how much hard work they put in it), because we live in a society organized in a way that gives them that possibility, and that it's the same society that denies that possibility to others, seems to be incomprehensible to some people. or maybe they're just selfish and don't want to take responsibility for their role in all of this.

Comment: Re:The Superhuman Future? Khan? (Score 1) 171

by cHALiTO (#45027197) Attached to: Personal Genomics Firm 23andMe Patents Designer Baby System

Actually, I was thinking that if people get to choose how their kids will look.. imagine would fads play into this. When a particular set of attributes become the most popular and a high percentage of the population decide to have offspring that have almost the same characteristics.. I don't know, couldn't it be pretty dangerous, messing around like that with genetic diversity?

Obviously, I'm not a biologist :P

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by cHALiTO (#44951813) Attached to: President of Brazil Lashes Out At NSA Espionage Programs In Speech To UN

I can't believe I had to scroll down like a dozen comments before someone actually pointed this out.
Thank you.

Our countries may very well be spying on others, but that doesn't mean it's OK, and (I think) most of us don't approve of that, be it done by our own country or by others. Just because it's commonplace doesn't mean we shouldn't expose it every chance we get and complain about it. Actually, the fact that it's become so common that some people think it's no big deal means, to me at least, that we should be even more vocal about it.

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