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Comment Re:Unsurprising (Score 1) 137

It's Richmond, not Vancouver, that's trying to encourage english in the business sphere. The reason is because there are so many chinese only signs that many non-chinese aren't even going into the city and it's hurting the city. I know that I only go into Richmond when I absolutely have to, and there's no reason for me to go. I haven't been there since I quit my last job that was in Richmond over a year ago.

As for the Quebec referendum, the only problem I had with it is no one asked the rest of the country if they could stay. That would've been a VERY different referendum if that happened.

Comment Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 2) 324

When you consider that this is actually fairly typical of the returns in any Canadian federal election since the 1950s, then I can make the same claim of many Liberal governments as well, except for the bias towards Ontario in those cases. The west votes Conservative for some very good reasons (NEP and CWB for starters).

Comment Re:Fuck Canadian content welfare system (Score 1) 324

>The most telling artefact of CanCon is still the radio though, try listening to a rock station for more than a day in a row without hearing at least one Rush, Guess Who or Nickelback (ugh) track. I don't mind some of it but you can tell when it's Canadian percentile block time and you'll want to shoot yourself in the face with a 22

Crap like that is the reason I don't listen to domestic music radio. Ever. Period. I listen to the local news/traffic station and the rest of the time, it's satellite radio.

As for the 22, I'll need to see your firearms permit before you discharge that firearm.

Comment Re:isn't it used on violent prisoners? (Score 2) 326

One solution would be to rearrange the cells in new prisons to allow them to communicate with a small group of other prisoners even while isolated. Perhaps if they were placed in such a way as to allow them to physically interact at even a distant level so they can play cards or board games.

The current system is complete isolation but it may not be necessary. Just high isolation may be enough to keep the danger level down but the mental health of the prisoners up.

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