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Comment: Re:Why? It sucked. (Score 1) 469

by bxbaser (#39218207) Attached to: Why Didn't the Internet Take Off In 1983?

The internet took off when the pc market took off
Back in the early 90s the cost of entry was about $2500 you could count the people you knew with one on you fingers, now with $300 walmart pc you would be hard pressed to think of 2 people you know without one.
The beginning of unlimited plans coincided with the plummeting of the average pc cost leading to a larger marketplace for an isp and lots more competition.
I remember the $30 for 30 hour plans and $1.99 per hour after that and it was that way for many years until the sub $1000 pc came along allowing affordable ownership for the average family.
You are correct the unlimited plans certainly sped the www internet on its way but how far along would it be if you still had to type on a $2800 machine ?

now ill give you $7 to mow my lawn

Comment: Re:It's called a team (Score 1) 426

by bxbaser (#30507534) Attached to: When Developers Work Late, Should the Manager Stay?

"'I'd pick up a book on the programming language they're using to code.Even if you never put your fingers to the keyboard, it will gain you credibility, which will make you, as a manager, a thousand times more effective."

Only thing worse than a manager that doesnt know anything is a manager that has read a book on the programming language your using to code

Comment: Re:not a bargain (Score 1) 970

by bxbaser (#30319062) Attached to: What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?

"I bet you'd make a tidy bundle selling low-maintenance printers"
Or an easier way to make a tidy bundle is to sell a really cheap printer then charge a lot for the ink.

You would have to sell your printer just as cheaply as the high dollar ink variety, or no one will buy it(at least the average buying public would not)

for 10 years I have listened to my family complain of the high cost of ink and every time I offer the same advice, purchase a laser printer like I have and you can print a 5000 sheet case of paper for $75 - $100 dollars.
And for 10 years they have continued to purchase the "I just got a new all in one for $49.00" models.

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.