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by bws111 (#46822969) Attached to: The $5,600 Tablet

It's way past time to put that old trope to bed. I have seen way more Android and iOS devices spontaneously reboot than I ever saw blue screens. The only difference is, the spontaneous reboots provide absolutely NO information about why they happened, and the name of the product that DETECTED (not necessarily caused) the problem is not displayed, so people are far more likely to blame 'the hardware', etc whereas with a blue screen it is always WINDOWS that blue screened.

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by bws111 (#46818243) Attached to: Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later

You seem to be confusing lenses and filters. Lenses are not used to 'apply distortions' (although a side effect of many lenses is distortion). Lenses are used to control what fills the frame of the picture.

I'll give you an example. Suppose you are on the sidelines at a football game, and want to take some pictures. One picture might be of what your eye sees - a good portion of the stands on the other side of the field, grass between you and the players, and the players. A better picture may be of only the player controlling the ball. A different picture may want to show mostly the stands, to show the size of the crowd.

A point and shoot camera, or a camera with a 'normal' lens is going to take the first picture. A telephoto lens would take the second picture (you could zoom in and get just the players face, including the sweat dripping from his hair), and a wide angle lens would take the third picture.

Now, why can't this camera elimate those lenses? Well, suppose you have a 10MP camera. In the wide-angle shot, the players face probably takes up .1% of the frame. If you are using all 10MP to capture the wide angle shot, your players face only uses about 10K of the pixels. If you try to blow the players face up to full-frame you have an extremely blocky picture with no detail at all. On the other hand, if you want to the players face to occupy 10MP, you need to capture 10 GIGA pixels in your wide angle shot.

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It's not 'ironic' at all. In a city that is old, it is novel to have something sleek and futuristic. In a city that is new, it is novel to have something antique. Not really that hard to figure out.

It's big and heavy because it is a prototype, built out of other existing things. Again, not that hard to figure out.

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Interesting that you use the phrase 'window upon the world.' Ever look through a real window with an insect screen on it? Now imagine that instead of clearly seeing the house across the street, what you see is the house with a neat grid in sharp focus upon it. That is what you are asking for.

A photo where everything is in equally sharp focus is absolutely not what your eyes see, unless you are standing on a cliff and seeing only things that are far away.

In real life your window upon the world would only have a very small area in sharp focus.

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I think you're over thinking this. Executive, Manager, and Secretary are just the names for styles of chairs, not some kind of hierarchy or (current) intended use.

Secretary chairs, I believe, are not named for the person currently known as an administrative assistant, but for the piece of furniture called a secretary. A secretary is a tall cabinet, the lower part is drawers, the upper part has glassed doors to display knick-knacks, china, whatever, and in between is a fold-down panel that makes a desk. This piece of furniture would be prominent in a house. When a person wanted to write a letter, etc, they would drag a small, lightweight stool to the secretary and fold down the desk.

In the days when most people worked in factories, the only person with a desk was the manager. Hence, a 'manager' chair is basically any desk chair.

The executive chair is mostly to show that the person sitting in it is important, hence the leather.

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