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Comment Define "useful" (Score 3, Informative) 118

If you're asking which certs give a high probability that the certificate holder can do the job, that's one thing. If you're asking which certs will get you on the short list for a hiring interview, that's another.

PMP may actually appear on both lists. I know that it appears on a lot of postings for Project Managers. And project mgmt isn't just managing Gantt charts. It's a whole sub-discipline under Industrial Engineering.

The big certs right now appear to be for security pros.

Comment Good luck with that... (Score 1, Interesting) 222

As the article quotes, the Standard Youtube license grants any Youtube user (including CNN) license to use, reproduce, sub-license and transfer any video posted on Youtube, whether for commercial purposes or not. Our plucky individual gave CNN and CBC the rights to use and reuse the video when he uploaded it.

Now if CNN or CBC tried to issue a DMCA take-down on a video they had downloaded from YouTube, I'd definitely sue their asses.

Comment Malware vector... (Score 2) 78

The NSA is going to love this one. If the Codephage can inject "clean" code, there's nothing that prevents it from being revamped to inject malicious code.

Alternatively, if your site needs a level of security where you need this type of "live" patching, you need a level of security that would prevent CodePhage from making the updates in the first place.

Sounds like it might be a useful test and bug detection tool, but not for live environments.

Comment Re:Do as I say not as I do (Score 1) 86

What's the old phrase again? "If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide..." They trot it out every time they want to invade our privacy, along with "It's to fight terrorism!"

So what have they done wrong that they are they hiding with these insane deletion policies?

Comment SaaS? (Score 1) 137

This might be one area where SaaS is a legitimate option. With all the complex process and data management involved in Asset Management, you could benefit from a system that already has process and data standards defined, and where your organization's inexperience with this type of software isn't as big a liability.

Comment Re:You might want to brush up on your legal studie (Score 1) 308

Civil liability for damages is not the same as criminal culpability for a crime. You aren't being tried twice for a crime, you are being tried once for the crime and once for the damage that got caused by the events that appeared to be a crime, regardless of whether you were guilty of the crime. There can still be damages even if no crime was committed.

Automobile accidents are a good example. Even if you get acquitted of criminal charges for reckless driving or vehicular manslaughter, if you are at fault in the accident, you (or your insurance company) are going to have to pay out for the damages caused by the accident.

So the Goldmans didn't have to prove that OJ murdered his wife, they just had to prove that he was primarily responsible for her death and that they suffered damages as a result.

Comment Re:You might want to brush up on your legal studie (Score 1) 308

Or to use a more trivial example, many retailers will not only have shoplifters arrested and attempt to have them prosecuted, they will also go after them for civil damages. A particularly idiotic friend of mine found this out after he plea-bargained to a community service sentence, then he got a settlement letter from his "victim" offering to settle civil liability for a couple hundred. As I recall, the merchandise he took was worth about $20, but they were throwing in legal fees and god knows what else.

Comment Last device standing... (Score 1) 403

based on current tech, will be the generators themselves. My best guess is that it will either be a solar generator (no moving parts) or else possibly one of the other renewable/low-fuel options: Wind, hydro or nuclear. None of them would last more than 20 years or so without maintenance (Fallout series not-withstanding).

Comment Re: For work I use really bad passwords (Score 1) 136

I have a similar categorization scheme, but I "salt" the PWs with a mnemonic that I use to vary the PW within each category. That way I only have to hurry and reset all my PWs in the category if two or more sites in the category get compromised, which increases the risk that the mnemonic can be derived. For a brute-force attack, if someone knows my password MiXedABUPC, it's just as hard to decrypt MiXedxyUPz as it is to decrypt adfOYcqC1B. Of course if you know (or assume) that I use a pattern, it's probably easier to try to guess what the pattern is than a pure brute-force attack.

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