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Comment Re:You should be anyways (Score 1) 303

You're also conflating "ownership of the code" with "enforcement of terms of service" and "standardization of licensing" for contributed code. Basically all they're saying is if you contribute code it will be licensed to the community under the MIT license. If you use that code you're required to abide by the MIT license - except that they're giving you an exception if your use of the code is somewhere near the border of "fair use". In that case, you can just attribute the code in the comments rather than the full acknowledgement normally required in the documentation.

Comment Re:Unenforceable and stupid (Score 1) 303

Hate crimes are thoughts put into action. It's no different from first degree murder vs. manslaughter. To convict for First degree murder you need to prove intent and planning which are both "thought crimes" the way you define it. The only difference is that a hate crime is an interpretation of motive and intent.

Comment Re:Still completely contradictory (Score 1) 263

Except that she's not WITHDRAWING her consent, she's claiming that her consent was only given for the duration of the relationship. Basically what the court said (in line with her arguments) is that he has the burden of proof in showing that her consent to keep nude photos of her was intended to continue after the end of their relationship.

My guess is that pre-nups are going to become increasingly popular in Germany.

Comment Re:Thats a ruling to keep the lawyers happy... (Score 0) 263

And I can't wait until this ruling intersects with copyright law. There have always been model consent forms in the commercial side of the "intimate" photo industry, but I sure hope the German government is ready for the influx of paparazzi and other cases where an image is taken of a public figure without that person's explicit consent.

Comment Re:There are US DHS at London Gatwick?? (Score 2) 704

They had applied for "authorization" in advance, which isn't the same as a visa.

My guess is that this is related to the changes to the Visa Waiver program where people with dual citizenship no longer qualify to use a Visa Waiver. I don't understand why that can't be explained though.

Comment Re:lemme guess (Score 1) 84

I bet something that broad would generate a lawsuit, possibly some kind of antitrust litigation.

RT*A: Google claims they are doing it at Symantec's request.

As Symantec is unwilling to specify the new purposes for these certificates, and as they are aware of the risk to Google’s users, they have requested that Google take preventative action by removing and distrusting this root certificate.

Comment No brainer... (Score 0) 406

Despite the fact that any comment other than "WTF?!?" is superfluous, here goes.
1) The most egregious example of IT Budget cost management gone awry that I'm aware of. No system overhaul for 25+ years??
2) God I hope this system isn't networked to anything that even indirectly connects to the internet. Otherwise - terrorists win!
3) I wonder if they're running under DOSBox already.

Comment Re:First Rule About Watchlists (Score 1) 400

Loss of freedom due to race/religion/national origin isn't limited to being locked up, so this is a strawman argument. Some examples of other things that cause loss of freedom:
pulled over for "driving while black"
housing discrimination
lynch mobs
online intimidation.

If you're afraid to do something that society as a whole takes for granted because of legitimate threats and intimidation, that's a loss of freedom.

Often, it's very difficult to judge how serious a threat actually is. Many of the "warning signs" that get brought up after there's a mass shooting are the same kinds of threats that people brush off as "don't worry about it, they aren't serious" when people complain about online intimidation.

Comment No surprise to me... (Score 1) 70

I once bought a lot of used/returned MP3 players at auction. While I didn't get a wealth of personal data, I did get a wealth of "free" music. Based on value, I was actually paying for the music rather than the MP3 players.

Retailers don't have the resources to wipe the memory on returned devices, they rely on the people who buy the resold devices to be scrupulous.

Comment Define "useful" (Score 3, Informative) 118

If you're asking which certs give a high probability that the certificate holder can do the job, that's one thing. If you're asking which certs will get you on the short list for a hiring interview, that's another.

PMP may actually appear on both lists. I know that it appears on a lot of postings for Project Managers. And project mgmt isn't just managing Gantt charts. It's a whole sub-discipline under Industrial Engineering.

The big certs right now appear to be for security pros.

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