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Comment Verifying a message vs. its contents (Score 1) 480

The machine should also issue a signed receipt: 'This (lottery/random) ID voted for X'

The voter is free to choose to keep this receipt or destroy it. If he keeps the receipt he risks being harassed by the thug but he can also prove it if his vote was registered incorrectly at the official registry.

The important point here is that as long as a fraction of the voters keep their receipt, any systematic fraud may be noticed. If a random 1/10 of the population keep their receipt then only ten(!) single votes can be me messed with in the election before someone is likely to step forward with a receipt pointing out the fraud: 'This receipt says ID12345 voted for X, but the official registry says ID12345 voted for Y. How come??'

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 573

How are we going to rid the world of $RANDOMBIGGROUP? These peopel make me despair, they won't be happy until they convert or kill us all. There isn't a country in the world that hasn't suffered from this group of hate

There fixed it for ya. This script is more generic.

Comment Re:If you hear competitiveness, reach for your gun (Score 1) 542

There are one million factors to consider when setting up a business. Somehow I don't think "What if it hurts when we leave the country?" is all that high up on the list.

If they want to leave, make it hurt badly(if not something that outright kills the company). Then make the company an example of how things can go wrong in a robbery

And then no company will want to set up shop in your country again.


Survey Says To UK — Repeal Laws of Thermodynamics 208

mostxlnt writes "As we noted, the new Tory UK government has launched a website asking its subjects which laws they'd most like repealed. There are proposals up for repeal of the Laws of Thermodynamics: Second, Third, and all (discussion thread on this one closed by a moderator). One comment on the Third [now apparently deleted] elucidated: 'Without the Third Law of Thermodynamics, it would be possible to build machines that would last forever and provide an endless source of cheap energy. thus solving both potential crises in energy supply as well as solving the greenhouse gas problem in one step... simples... eh?'"

Ranking Soccer Players By Following the Bouncing Ball 142

sciencehabit excerpts from an interesting report on statistics for soccer, in the stats-obsessed world of sports: "Only a handful of soccer ranking systems exist, most of which rely on limited information: the number of goals scored in a match, the number of goals assisted, and some indices of a match's difficulty and importance. ... So researchers turned to an unlikely source: social networks. Applying the kinds of mathematical techniques used to map Facebook friends and other networks, the team created software that can trace the ball's flow from player to player. As the program follows the ball, it assigns points for precise passing and for passes that ultimately lead to a shot at the goal. Whether the shot succeeds doesn't matter. Only the ball's flow toward the goal and each player's role in getting it there factors into the program's point system, which then calculates a skill index for each team and player."

Flash Builder 4 — Defective By Design? 66

ApolloX writes "Adobe has released its new version of the Flex Builder, now renamed Flash Builder 4. This version is radically different from previous versions of Flex, introducing the new Spark architecture and theme support. While I am pleased Adobe has finally added support for Eclipse 3.5, I am disappointed with some of the new architecture changes that make doing simple things, such as skinning a button, now quite cumbersome."

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