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6-Year-Old Says Grand Theft Auto Taught Him To Drive 504 504

nandemoari writes "A six-year-old who recently stole his parents' car and drove it into a utility pole has passed the buck onto a familiar scapegoat: the video game, Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar Games' controversial Grand Theft Auto video game has been criticized by parent groups and crusaders (or in the eyes of gamers, nincompoops) like former lawyer Jack Thompson for years (Thompson once tried to link the Virginia Tech slayings to late-night Counterstrike sessions. He's since been disbarred). However, not as of yet has anyone under the age of, oh, ten, blamed the game for a car theft."

Slashdot's Disagree Mail 135 135

This installment of Disagree Mail highlights a man's concern about illegal cloning in the Hollywood community, a guy who is sick of US imperialism and his low karma, and an example of the kind of people you don't want as roommates in college. Read below to find out just how crazy, angry and irresponsible it gets.

+ - sunbird 0.5 released->

bvdbos writes: "After months of hard work, finally Sunbird 0.5 and Lightning 0.5 are released. Among the changes (list of bugfixes) are support for sending and receiving invitations, support for working hours, better integration of Lightning in Thunderbird and support for google calendars. Time to ditch your competing calendar products?"
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+ - Where are all the HDD + DVD Recorders???

airider writes: Has anyone noticed that the combination of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) + DVD Recorders has dried up in the U.S.? Unless you are a Tivo subscriber or get it from your cable/satellite TV provider, independent Digital Video Recorders are non-existent. I find this rather interesting and irritating since I bought one of the early Lite-On models ( but can't get it anymore. Even thought it is missing a few features I'd like, I LOVE that I don't have to pay a subscription to use it to record anything I want. Models were available from Sony, Pioneer and others less than a year ago from Crutchfield (, BestBuy ( and others. If you scan these stores and websites today however, you will not find a single HDD included with the DVD recorders. What I want to know is, why? Conspiracy? New models that are High Def compliant haven't hit the shelves? No demand? Just wondering if any of you folks have noticed this as well and have any insight into why, what I considered as the best option to VCR's, has gone least in the U.S.??? For some reason you can still get these devices and newer models outside the U.S. Links provided for to amplify the situation: rodGroup.asp?g=69800 &type=category&navHistory=cat00000%2Bcat03000%2Bpc mcat13900050017&id=pcmcat13900050019 tent&task=blogcategory&id=27&Itemid=103

+ - Egyptian Government Jailing Bloggers

Chardish writes: "The UK Telegraph is reporting that the Egyptian government has begun jailing bloggers critical of the regime. Shortly before his capture, one of the now-jailed bloggers posted that he had been suspicious that the police were spying on him. Another claims he was tortured. How long before bloggers start being forced offshore to free-speech-friendly countries?"

+ - Californian woman dies in Wii contest

orudge writes: "A Californian woman has died after taking part in a "Hold Your Wee For A Wii" contest run by radio station KDND in Sacramento. From the article: A work colleague said Ms Strange had reported her head was hurting hours after the contest and was going home. Ms Strange, 28, was found dead on Friday at her house in Rancho Cordova. Local assistant coroner Ed Smith said initial tests showed death was "consistent with water intoxication"."

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