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by buzzsawddog (#45101085) Attached to: Sensor Characteristics Uniquely Identify Individual Phones
Because people look at me weird when I break out my Handheld Ham Radio when I am in the store to talk to my wife... Also, people seem to think because I have a radio that I must know where to find size 20 for their kid and get pissed when I say I dont work there. "Then why do you have a radio!"

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by buzzsawddog (#41358265) Attached to: The smart light bulb.
I know I know lazy this lazy that. As an individual that has a newborn I like this idea. I don't know how many times my wife has been sitting in the babies room feeding our son "ipod touch in hand for reading" in the middle of the night wanting to dim the lights to help the baby fall back to sleep. In situations like this it would be nice. Weeks in a row with minimal sleep it sure would be nice if you could just sit there and not wake the baby. Taking advantage of the SDK it would be nice to use other devices (micro-controller with sensors and such) to change the lighting in the room. Remote control when away from the house, pranks etc. The potential is endless. Also you brought up handicap technology. Knowing people that are not able to get around the house at all if any would love something like this.

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