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Comment: The sad state of climate science (Score 1) 360

by burtosis (#49139719) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics
For a problem that is going to impact everything from rising ocean levels to farming - people should want to know exactly what is going to happen - if humans are responsible or not.

If oceans rise just 5 feet it's going to take tens to hundeds of trillions dollars to do things like move entire cities or create flood barriers. Increases In salinity and changes in rainfall can lead to completely redoing the water supply for entire regions which in turn can completely alter the manner of agriculture in each region. Increased storm activity can take a toll also.

It may look like the US spent 22B in climate research but actual research dollars were only 2.5B of that amount. The global women's shoe market is 80B whereas the global soccer (football) market is much larger. I have done some research and found we spend more yearly on the two than all of climate research ever done since the beginning of science. For a problem with such a high likelihood of being plausible its pretty damn insane more hasn't been done to understand and map the problem. I would not be suprised if the cost of dealing with a changing climate exceeded one quadrillion usd dollars within only 150 years.

We need more satellites that map various temperatures (including ocean), land use, cloud cover, and co2 distributions. We need more studies and data on glaciers - autonomous sensors everywhere. Same goes for ocean currents - also temperatures from deeper that you may not get from satellite. We need better climate models that let us accurately predict the changes that are likely - region by region - something current models struggle with. We cant feed those better models with better data, or more accurately check predictions because we lack the means of acquiring better data. Ultimately, in 100years or so, there may be serious wars fought over the redistribution of wealth that a changing climate will force on us all.

Comment: No real maximum as stated exists (Score 1) 125

by burtosis (#49137447) Attached to: 12-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole Discovered
Yes it is true if you assume things like the material is gas, it has random slow motion initially, etc. Then yes you can derive an upper limit based on the balance of radiation pressure and gravity. For special cases unlikely to happen in reality, such as artificial configurations of matter or thought experiment cases, this upper limit is much higher. For example if you fed a black hole neutrinos how would they significantly heat and spread compared to gas? They would not and you could feed a black hole many orders of magnitude more mass if you had a sufficent source of neutrinos. The same goes for electromagnetic radiation of most any kind. Or carefully slow a spinning black hole and feed it large amounts of solid matter such that it tends to not form any accretion disk. Again you can feed it orders of magnitude more matter than the theoretical limit.

Comment: Re:Even if you accept that new jobs will be create (Score 1) 239

by burtosis (#49136423) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

I suppose another alternative is a massive depopulation of the human species on earth. That can easily be accomplished if the struggle for wealth distribution devolves into war.

At least war is something that humans with few weapons/resources afforded to them are much more effective at than self replicating robot armies decked out with the latest military hardware.

Comment: No one is focusing on co2 as a pollutant (Score 1) 212

by burtosis (#49100217) Attached to: The Best, and Worst, Places To Drive Your Electric Car
If (local/state/nation) governments were focusing, all vehicles that had a low co2/distance rating per region would get subsidy. This would make diesels the best bet because they are by far the cheapest co2 reduction per dollar spent. People/governments have a limited amount of money, we should do the most good with it.

go ahead flamod me as I crashed in flames on the last ev article, but yes if you live in a few select areas (80% of the world dosent) or have a custom solar installation then yes electric is the best for the enviorment. Power plants take decades to plan and build it's likely your area has no plans on upgrading (mine dosent). Hybrids are great co2/dist but still cost too much - around half of people can't spend 30k a car. However give the same 7-10k subsidy to a clean diesel - a 5k usd diesel would get everyone lining up to buy.

Comment: 4 ruined kickstarter projects (Score 3, Insightful) 128

by burtosis (#49089817) Attached to: Apple Patent Could Have "Broad Ramifications" For VR Headsets
My last rough count of ruined kickstarter projects is 4. Few things are sadder than a multibillion dollar international company serving cease and desist letters to fledgling startups who operated in good faith with due diligence. Ahh apple, will you use your 6+ to capture the exact moment you broke that 22yr old business owners heart?

Comment: Gatacca - coming to a country near you! (Score 1) 191

by burtosis (#49089533) Attached to: Human DNA Enlarges Mouse Brains
Voted #1 most realistic movie of all time, gatacca may become reality.

Far from a fear of genetic tampering, bigger boobs and blonde hair will quickly devolve into less important things like health, lifespan, and more intelligence. But don't worry my non-augmented friends, while you won't be able to vote, hold a job, or hold any preferred life form rights, our kind masters still allow us to serve them. Isn't that enough?

Comment: Re:I can't imagine the Tesla ever being "affordabl (Score 1) 257

by burtosis (#49089071) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models
While i do hope it comes to being able to service economy electrics as cheaply as gas models, it isn't probably for 20 years minimum as you say, perhaps longer - i hope we both see that day. Until then i expect electric cars to be like printers where its almost a better idea to buy a new car than replace the battery. At least in a hybrid replacing the battery isn't too important, it's a base 40mpg economy gas vehicle. However, at the risk of you will not like it (been modded down quite a bit) for a fixed amount of money, for perhaps 80-85% of the worlds population, the best thing people can do to reduce co2 isn't electrics its economy gas or even better modern diesel. Hybrids are good, even better than electrics for co2 per mile in 85-90% of the world, but simply cost too much.

sadly we don't see subsidy for vehicles based on co2 per distance in each region, 10k usd modern economy diesels (with a 7-10k subsidy to get them there) would do the most good for the most people until the electrics and hybrids make more sense. If you live in a few select places in Europe, have a 50-100k usd solar installation (which subsidy for is great) that's great electrics are the best choice for the enviornment. Sadly when science is overridden by media and manufacturer hype, even people who don't think critically here on /. we all seem to lose.

Comment: Re:I can't imagine the Tesla ever being "affordabl (Score 1) 257

by burtosis (#49082675) Attached to: Tesla Factory Racing To Retool For New Models
Those are some valid points. I really hope the giant battery factory in the works brings down the price on all lithium batteries. However, even economy electric cars have 10k usd battery packs - for the low end cars it's a major percentage of the vehicle. Additionally while you may not 'need' one your already low end range will be reduced by a significant amount. It's pretty amazing they get nearly the same technology that lasts 3-5 years in a phone or laptop and extend it to 8 but honestly it's pretty likely people will abandon perfectly good older economy electrics due to the massive battery replacement costs.

Comment: Re:Shrinking Horizon (Score 1) 182

by burtosis (#49082631) Attached to: Theory of Information Could Resolve One of the Great Paradoxes of Cosmology
Not at all. You Are about a hundred billion years premature. Right now dark energy is having a negligible effect, only just now accelerating the expansion noticably in recent cosmological time. the main effect is the hypothetical light cone from the Big Bang to the present - nearly the same as the last scattering neutrino surface. The visible universe (visible light after reionizarion) is not 'expanding' but previously disconnected locations in space time (last connected only during inflation) are coming into view at light speed. Thus each second we can see farther. At this point in time it has almost zero to do with any expansion or space injection. It's something that is mis-represented to the masses and is a common mis conception. As an example your own two eyes see different 'observable' universes - each can 'see' a few inches beyond the others visible universe.

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