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Comment Re:Autonomous robots do MORE attrocities (Score 1) 213

There is no putting the genie back in the bottle. For all of human history nothing stopped the masses from overthrowing tyranny except the restraint and convictions of the people. But fast forward 250 years where a mega corporation could have full automation production of these drones, robots, and autonomous systems - the entire remaining 99.9999% people on the earth could be wiped out with no recourse. I'm fairly sure we are seeing the final steps in the removal of any possible threat the people at large pose to those who wield power. Good luck with your gun when a drone army airstrikes your dwelling before sending in armored kill bots.

Comment Re:Conversion loss (Score 1) 346

-1 Stupid.

You're forgetting that 60-75% of the energy in hydrocarbon fuel is wasted in the form of heat when you burn it in a combustion engine. Conversion losses for electricity are a tiny fraction of this.

Partially true. Essentially all of the formulas assume you *could* discharge to an absolute zero heat sink and calculate efficiency that way. Needless to say that is ludicrous as if you had one of those you could deplete the surface temperature of the earth for essentially fuel free unlimited energy. It's far more realistic to assume the low temperature heat resovoir to be the ambient air temperature and then the efficiency with respect to the maximum achievable efficiency isn't nearly that bad.

Comment Re:Electrics Cargo Ships (Score 1) 346

Actually cargo ships have an enormous surface area. Typically they have 30-80MW engines and can be 400m long by 60m wide. Given roughly 1kw/m^2 that's 24MW power production. So it seems feaible to have a hybrid solution where you could put panels atop all the containers and generate up to a 25-50% power savings depending on the time of day and weather. Add a sail like hull/design and you might make up even more power.

so it seems it's possible to make an electric hybrid container ship in principle, but with today's low fuel prices it's just not cost effective.

Comment Energy and power density, long term stability (Score 1) 346

As pointed out above the best lithium ion batteries are around 1/30th the energy density of hydrocarbon fuel like gasoline. Further though it would require a battery with high power density as well, you couldn't use a technology incapable of discharging it's full actual capacity in an hour. Finally you would need a reliable battery that would keep working over many charge discharge cycles and not die prematurely for purely financial and practicality reasons which is why there are no lithium air batteries helping extend electric car range today.

Comment Re:Here's what I did (Score 2) 137

You shouldn't do that. The US power strip is likely only rated for 120v. If you use it with an adapter in a country with 240v service you may find that some of the clearances are not enough and you get arcing, thus a fire hazard. I've actually had this happen to me.

The voltage required to start an arc is around a million volts per meter. The 110V difference requires under four thousandths of an inch additional clearance given no insulation at all. If that's the issue I'm going to argue the device was so cheaply made it was already a fire hazard.

A more likely scenario is cheap components (like capacitors for example) and overall bad design.

Comment Re:How to test an overunity device .. (Score 0) 223

I submit to you an electron around a hydrogen atom. It's been in perpetual motion for billions of years already,...

It's not really in motion, though, because the probability of finding it at a particular point in space (i.e. relative to the nucleus) isn't changing: the electron density cloud isn't moving.

Now, if we could ever split the wave function from it's complex conjugate, so to speak, then we might actually get a source of infinite energy. But that gets to the whole question of the ontological reality of the wave function.

Well mr smarty pants has that atom ever been precisely at absolute zero? As you well know it hasn't as the CMB is still warm so it has in fact been moving.

Comment Re:"laws" (Score 1) 223

Laws of thermodynamics say otherwise

Some "laws" of physics are mathematical in nature; that is, they are logically true, like the laws of arithmetic.

Some "laws" of physics are experimentally verified; that is, you can run experiments and observe the results directly, like inverse square laws at macroscopic scales.

The "laws of thermodynamics" aren't either of those; they are instead a statement about the non-existence of certain physical effects. As such, they are the weakest of the three kinds of laws. It would probably be better to call them "the conjectures of thermodynamics". In principle, there might by physical effects that allow you to circumvent those "laws".

Bollocks. The laws of thermodynamics can be shown to be statistically true and hold for all real world cases using nothing but the standard model and statistics. Further it has been rigorously tested for over a hundred years and not only has successfully predicted results but not once has been shown to be incorrect on macroscopic scales nor exploitable for free energy in any way on microscopic scales. In fact it can and has been shown that any attempt to circumvent the statical process requires more energy than you save.

Comment Re:Accusation through misunderstanding (Score 4, Informative) 223

Not only is energy not conserved, but it keeps increasing as our universe full of dark energy keeps expanding.

This energy could be mined:


Again incorrect. When you total all energy in the universe, including that from gravitational fields it is likely zero. It has always been zero, and will continue to be zero. Even if you were to somehow harvest dark energy (which btw only is a meaningful amount when you talk about millions of light years) you would essentially be bringing two masses together and is exploiting gravitational potential energy.

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