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Comment: Re:Chinese Stamp? (Score 1) 184

by burningcpu (#46314657) Attached to: Steve Jobs To Appear On US Postage Stamp
I full heartedly agree with your second sentiment. What gets me is the abundance of American flags and such gear that is made oversees -- and people gobble it and feel damn patriotic about the whole thing.

Side note: Apple is opening a plant in Mesa, Arizona and will employ about 700 people.

Comment: Re:Here in Baltimore (Score 1) 290

by burningcpu (#46239121) Attached to: Massive Storm Buries US East Coast In Snow and Ice
As a former Missouri resident, I suggest shoveling when you can as it's a lot easier to just lay down salt or other heating agent on the ice when it forms. If the snow is already gone, you won't need to shovel. If the snow is still there, the salt/whatever won't work well and you'll have to break up the ice/snow conglomerates, which is tough stuff.

Comment: Re:Why (Score 1) 333

by burningcpu (#45609235) Attached to: China Prefers Sticking With Dying Windows XP To Upgrading
Apparently you missed this statement:

"At some point a PC will cost more than it's worth to repair, but that's the point you chuck it and get a new one, and even then you can harvest parts as spares."

Replacing the motherboard certainly qualifies as the point that the pc is cost more than it is worth. But then, as stated, you can salvage the other components for another system.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 3, Interesting) 706

by burningcpu (#44849199) Attached to: Student Arrested For Using Phone App To 'Shoot' Classmates
In 1999 when I was a freshman in HS, I saw another freshman walk up behind another kid and jokingly put a plastic knife from the lunch room to his back. He said, "give me all your money."

Unfortunately, a teacher also saw this harmless joke. The kid was arrested and expelled from the entire school district.

Comment: Re:What a scam (Score 1) 166

by burningcpu (#44846803) Attached to: Flash Memory Won't Get Cheaper Any Time Soon
This, and the chemicals used in the manufacture of semiconductors are of extremely high purity and precision. I work for a manufacturer of such chemicals, and I'm amazed at the amount of thought and innovation that is thrown at maintaining and improving the quality of our product. Additionally, the solutions are typically custom tailored to the application, even down to the customer's process line. Everything that can even obliquely affect the final product is regulated and and detailed at length. I can't so much as move a printer in our lab without writing a whitepaper and requesting the change from the customer. We're talking a 2-3 month turn around time. This sort of service does not come cheap. And I'm just talking about the chemical side of the business.

Comment: Re:Smart watch not such a smart idea (Score 1) 196

by burningcpu (#44792197) Attached to: Can Even Apple Make a Watch Insanely Smart?
In my opinion, the smart watch should be considered a peripheral for the smart phone I already have in my pocket.

This means it won't need to be a high powered device. I agree with you that this is not practical at this time.

But, if I'm able to check notifications such as text messages, subject lines of received emails, and navigation commands from my GPS, I'd be happy. I should be able to change music tracks without pulling out my phone. It could display a grocery list.

Stop thinking of it as it's own computing device, and more as a display device with limited input capabilities, and I think it'll make a lot more sense.

Comment: Re:i would have killed him. (Score 4, Insightful) 666

by burningcpu (#44080073) Attached to: Security Researcher Attacked While At Conference
No one really knows how they'd handle such a situation until they are in it. Past thoughts and declarations might predispose an untrained person to a certain action, but when a harsh reality comes suddenly and unexpectedly it's all about instinct and fight or flight responses.

I've been enough dangerous situations to know that I'm neither a courageous man nor a coward, but simply a man. I saved a roofied woman from being raped by a group of strangers and have a heavily scared face to remind me of my moment of courage. On the other hand, I ran like hell when skinheads raided my friend's party with baseball bats and knives. I have the memory of standing over my friend's hospital bed as he was nursed back to health to remind me of my moment of cowardice.

The lady from the article is alive and was able to free herself from her attacker. That is what matters.

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