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Comment Re:Way too lib (Score 1) 485

In Star Trek economics however, there's two problems that are solved without even needing an economy: There are no scarce resources, and there's no need for somebody to be a producer. Why? Because you've got replicators to handle your everyday goods, holodecks to entertain you, and if you want a vacation to florida, either you can holodeck there or beam over there. And since everything is made out of deuterium, there's basically an infinite supply of everything.

Well, replicator can't produce another shoreline. So, you can't build more than X houses along the beach. Here is the scarcity. Replicator can't produce personal music teacher's lessons. Etc, etc. Things from replicator will have no value and things that can't be replicated are going to be admired and desired.

Comment Re:Systems that only allow likes, vs likes and dis (Score 1) 66

I suspect rating systems fall under similar limitations as Arrow's Impossibility Theorem [wikipedia.org], and there's no way to develop a perfect rating system. So you need to dispense with the notion that there is one "best" rating system. One is not better than another, they simply tell you different things about what the population is thinking.

It's possible to build perfect rating system based on ratings if final rating is based on personal preferences. I.e. if you upvote this page and downvote that page then all similar pages get similar up/down calculations and all search results are altered accordingly -- only for you. But it's very resource-intensive compared with today systems.

Comment Ouch (Score 2) 109

Laws will happen. Just as soon as the first death is caused by a hack (or a hack gone wrong). However indirectly. That's what it takes for average people, and thus their representatives, to pay attention and figure out that something actually does matter. Then it will be a CRISIS! and we must do something NOW!

And that's the worst part of the problem. Because they won't fix security problem, they will make it illegal to install custom rom to any wireless device.

Comment Meet the Aquion (Score 1) 399

Oh, and don't tell me 'battery banks!' because unless someone comes up with a way of directly storing electric power that scales up very, very cheaply, it's not really a practical solution to have bank after bank after bank of Li+ (or whatever) batteries, which in way less than 20 years will have to be junked and replaced, too.

Meet the Aquion -- batteries made of manganese oxide, carbon and salt. Everything is cheap and easily mined.

Just wait another ~15 years until key patents expire.

Comment Re:Until true AI is developed.... (Score 1) 319

I remember the first time this happened (probably about 10 years ago), I was working for a firm and they were embracing wikis and other such tools. My manager asked me to write down our trouble shooting steps in a wiki. See this line in the logs or these symptoms, and follow these steps. I kind of surprised myself how I reduced one of my great assets to something a person could follow steps on a wiki. Obviously if a new symptom showed up, not all the steps would be there. What I mean is that before there would be a problem and it would me to the rescue. Most people didn't even know where to start. Kudos to me! I realized, I just outlined the steps that most people could now follow.

Yeah, it's easy to automate part of my job. Look, it's very easy to type 'yum update' every few days, let's write it down on that fine wiki. Most people could do my work now, eh?

But once in a while shit hits the fan and suddenly openvz contaners aren't working anymore after simple update and is there anything on that wiki about handling the problem that never happened before?..

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it.... (Score 1) 52

I personally only consider the first one a cure. Under the second definition you are still negatively impacted by the disease which is, to me, a perversion of the term cure. You may not be at risk of death or injury from the disease but your life is still negatively impacted by the disease by requiring you to upkeep treatment in order to avoid the death or injury.

I personally consider both as cure because I have incurable problem: asthma.

That "negative impact" is much better than no treatment at all. I have an asthma and always had since 1979. I was disabled person in USSR, because they had no real drugs to deal with asthma. Later, when USSR dissolved I was able to get some first-aid inhalers (like Berotek), but these did not work well, sometimes they stopped working and I had to call emergency (in 1995 that happened 3 times during the year) and doctors were unable do anything to stop asthma attack. Later in 1999 I learned about hormone-based inhalers and I use them for more than 15 years now.

Now look, in 2000 I was able to dance ballroom dances and do other sports after I got normal treatment. Yes, I have to use inhaler every day. So what? Do you see the difference between healthy life and vegetable-like life inside your room only (in 1995 I was unable to work because of smokers around bus stops, and no, there were no cars at that time). For me, it IS a REAL cure and I don't give a fuck if I have to use them every day, that's about 10 seconds of my life per day.

Comment So what? (Score 1) 192

The classic example of "why does my radio need to talk to the engine?" is that feature in some cars where the volume automatically adjusts based on speed, so when you hit highway speeds you can still hear the music that was a comfortable volume at a stoplight. So what? Don't talk to the engine, use microphone to pick up noise level and adjust accordingly.

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