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Comment Re:I'm all Afrin now (Score 1) 310

It is possible to get rid of decongestant dependency with the help of hormonal nasal spray. It's called Nasonex in Russia, don't know about international names. It takes a few weeks to kick in and suddenly you don't have to use any decongestant, then it takes a few weeks to slowly stop using hormonal spray.

I used it to get rid of horrible decongestant dependency. It worked like magic. Of couse, you have to be free of hormonophobia (some people prefer to die instead of taking hormonal drugs).

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 75

Same thing in Russia, traveling within the confined space of a single nation has never been a problem.

It's a problem in Russia. Russian citizen can't travel within Russia without having to show his internal passport everywhere. Train tickets for example, you can't buy them without showing your passport. Air tickets. Police checking documents. Hotels. Everywhere. Recently Duma (law making "rabid printer") wanted to enforce passport control even for buying inter-city bus tickets!

And if you fail to show your passport to cops they detain you "until they find out your identity". A few months ago I went to police station to file papers (some dorks scratched my car at night and my insurance company demanded police papers to confirm that crime happened) and saw a bunch of asians behind bars. Waited a lot for my papers and listened for many stories for people being arrested because of no papers. And nobody cares about 2 hours limit unless lawyer appears there.

Comment Re:No need for storage (Score 1) 223

We can make wind power work but it would involve massive changes to how the national power grid works, which would be very expensive.

Upgrading power network is waaay cheaper than building huge amount of dams (while destroying huge amount of land). Or any flywheel or other SciFi madness. Recent surge in wind capacity factor (from 32% to 37% during this year alone) happened because of power network upgrade -- the better power network, the more electricity is shared across the country as needed.

Wind power, right now, costs three times what nuclear power costs, right now.

No. Recent BNEF report shows that wind electircity became cheapest power source in England and Germany without subsidies.

Even if we could power the world with wind we would not want to. Making wind power work means relying on wind in California to power a Florida with calm winds. There's a lot of ways that could fail, badly.

Wind can't fail everywhere. It just does not happen. And distributed generation is as robust as distributed networking: more distributed power plants means more plants can fail without serious damage to the network.

The Department of Energy has been subsidizing wind power for decades and it still cannot compete with fission power from the 1970s. I don't see a great future for wind power. Wind power will never go away, it's just too easy to get in many places, but it cannot power a first world economy.

How can you be THAT sure that nobody will ever let another Chernobyl happened? I remember that time we waited for the fallout in Moscow and could not do ANYTHING because some fucking stupid people did something wrong. How can you be sure that nobody will appoint beancounters to run a nuke plant near your house? Shit happens, but if shit happens with a windmill it just falls and that's it. And if shit happens with nuke plant then whole area dies and you have to move out. My relatives had to run from Ukraine and we had to house them at that time. One fucking screwup is more than enough to stop fooling around this kind of things.

Comment No need for storage (Score 1) 223

Wind and solar will never compete with coal and fission. Part of this is because wind and solar require viable (read that as cheap, reliable, etc) storage to provide 24/7 power. Any energy storage system that can make wind and solar reliable will also serve to make coal and fission cheaper.

No. Actually you don't need any viable storage, only viable power distribution network across the continent. Wind cannot stop blowing everywhere on the continent, no matter what. That's how Europe managed to get 10% of its electricity out of windmills in 2014.

Comment Re:The Issue with programming. (Score 1) 497

When I work with programmers so are hard fixed on the right way to do things, I often get a response that x cannot be done. I break the rule and I have done it in a couple of days work, then they will go but you didn't follow the right form. The end user doesn't care about form, they care if it Works well, It can be maintained, and it is secure.

Well, I did the same for many years. Now I'm sitting there and think "what the fuck? why, oh why I was SOOOO smart and implemented that 'impossible'???? what for?!".

Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing a program in the first place. So if you're as clever as you can be when you write it, how will you ever debug it?

Comment ipv6? (Score 1) 217

One of the problems I've encountered was ipv6 problem with Google: my US-hosted VPS had a bunch of extra v6 addresses and *some* outbound connections happened over ipv6 -- without any reverse zone for that v6 address. Fixed that and now Google does not complain about emails from my domain anymore.

Comment There is no opensource alternative to Oracle APEX (Score 1) 136

My last and most important statement is that at this point in history anyone using Oracle is a fool. MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, or just about any one of a zillion good datastores out there is so much better than Oracle that I simply don't know why anyone would use Oracle even if Oracle was free I would still use the others.

There is no sane alternative to Oracle APEX, unfortunately. It's waaay to easy to whip out company-wide applications that require no client installation, nothing, no opensource system could do the same.

Comment Open router platform (Score 1) 121

During last years I built a network of hundreds of OpenWRT-flashed routers. My custom ROM, based on OpenWRT, does dual wan, bgp and some other custom things. Unfortunately, manufacturers stop producing good routers after a while (like Asus phased out RT-N16) and I have to port my changes again and again to new and buggy platforms. Stable open router platform would be a gread thing, because all raspberries and co tend to have only one or two ethernet ports.

Comment Re:Are they actually powered down? (Score 1) 59

Most often I see it happening when people are using custom ROMs on Android and the kernel-dev screwed up with timings or undervolts the device a bit too much when it goes idle and it basically crashes when it goes to sleep.

I had two Desire Z that had the same problem on any rom -- custom or stock. Random power down in a few weeks without any warning. Many complaints on xda-developers and no solution.

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