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Comment: science doesn't have the answer... (Score -1, Troll) 133

by bumba2014 (#49499281) Attached to: The Origin of the First Light In the Universe
I don't understand science anymore, it doesn't have any answers, just some bunch of new theories, based on some old stupid theories, which most people defend with there lives, even if they are incorrect... If they could at least invent some stuff that wouldn't destroy our environment, that would be nice, because this way, in a few years, there won't be anyone alive, because the air ain't breathable anymore...

Comment: Stupid (Score 2) 313

by bumba2014 (#48474789) Attached to: Windows 10 To Feature Native Support For MKV and FLAC
Am I stupid? Download k-lite codec pack and you have all the codecs you can imagine, which idiot is going to pay microsoft an other tax for a few codecs... I stay with windows 7, works fine... I have been having those codecs for years, for free... even under windows xp... Same is with iso file as drive DEAMON Tools lite, also for free. It's nice they have it, but not a reason to buy a new version of there shit...

Comment: Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 147

by bumba2014 (#48157299) Attached to: Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas
Mounting ISO files, I can do for years, no need for a new operating system. UI was crap. Control Center has been crap for years, and every new version, they think about something new, and leave the old stuff in it... 10 looks just like 8, but with the key logging and some addon for the start menu. I had 5 windows open in windows 8, I could tell a difference, because the wasn't any difference between the border of one and the border of an other... When moving from XP to 7, I got more stable Windows Explorer, and 64bits (XP + 64bits was very unstable). But it also fucked up the network with home group, something that most of the time doesn't work. A whole lot of other stuff went wrong with 7, so lets just keep it that way, no need to make it even worse...

Comment: rasisme (Score 1) 561

by bumba2014 (#47661075) Attached to: Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White
I like to know how many white vs non white in a certain region live. If 80% is white and 20% is black, than don't expect 50% white vs 50% black in a company. That's stupid. Same goes for man vs woman, how many man do programming, and have studied programming or such, vs how many woman program and have studied programming. You can't make it 50% in a company. That's no equality, that only will course white people hate other people... If I had a large company, I wouldn't care about black or white or numbers. I would look at credentials, and how he would interact with my team. Getting woman on your floor also increases the change at lawsuits for harassment. I have known a few woman who programmed in my company, I personally would have thrown them out, I liked them, they were nice, but their code quality was terrible. So If you have a pool of people to choose from you like to choose the best, if there are more white male people in that pool, the changes are you choose a white male. If a black woman would come by and would show she can program much better than most people white man in my company, I wouldn't hesitate to give her the job. But I wouldn't select her because of some number. A company needs to make money to survive, not conform to some government standard.

Comment: Don't forget #11 (Score 1) 138

by bumba2014 (#47628881) Attached to: Microsoft To Drop Support For Older Versions of Internet Explorer
I suggest they stop supported version 11 also, that way a lot of problems in the internet will be solved.... Making a website will become much easier, less frustration and we could get payed a little better at the hour, not having to stay awake for nights getting it working on some version of MSIE...

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