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Comment: Disposing Throwaways (Score 2) 141

by buk110 (#46370199) Attached to: Live Q&A With Ex-TSA Agent Jason Harrington
If I came to the airport and had a bottle that was over the 3.4 oz or had a disposable lighter or some other item, where/how does that stuff get discarded? Would seem to me if these materials were "dangerous" they are just sitting in an airport bin and that's slightly better than the airport but not by much

Comment: Blame the Unions (Score -1, Troll) 381

by buk110 (#40223981) Attached to: Why Kids Should Be Building Rockets Instead of Taking Tests
Blame the teachers unions. You do what you're told - nothing more and nothing less. Well of course, once you have tenure it's "nothing more" and "as less as you can without getting fired". The teachers don't care - nor do they want to care. The Department of Education needs to be scraped and academics need to be more academically focused instead of making K-12 a government funded daycare full of youths that would prefer to text on their cellphones and be told to regurgitate a bunch of nonsense for pointless "standardized tests"

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