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Comment: No thanks (Score 0) 154 154

Could you imagine a hyperloop system being run by unions? Look at places like Washington DC where their mass transit *union run* has resulted in trains crashing into each other and trains going into a tunnel that's on fire only to lead to someone dying of smoke inhalation. This would be so much worse.

+ - Trucks driven by software

Presto Vivace writes: Self-Driving Trucks Will Hit Us Like Ton of Bricks

At $40,000 a year, the incentive to replace truck drivers with software is massive. And it will happen. Not only that, but insurance costs will drop. Most truck accidents are caused by user error: Driving too fast, driving while tired, driving intoxicated, etc.
Robots don't drink, don't get tired, won't drive unsafe to get to a destination faster,

Think of all the fun hackers could have with trucks driven by software.

Comment: Too late to entry (Score 1) 72 72

I'm trying to figure out the benefits here. I have amazon prime so I get free music already. Sure I can't listen to the white album at work, but I get the majority of what I want. So for them to enter the market they need to do it 2x as good as the next guy or at 1/2 the price. I don't see either happening

Comment: Controlling the message (Score 5, Interesting) 172 172

Must be nice for Sourceforge. Controlling the message via slashdot. Listen, no one wants malware. You can shine it up and call it "a secondary offer" but it's still junk. I hope as time goes on more people realize what a virusden that site is and more people rely on github

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