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Comment: Re:Additional updates since the initial crash (Score 1) 80

by bugbeak (#43223593) Attached to: Possible Cyber Attack Against South Korean Banks and TV Stations

Are you sure is not a botched antivirus/windows update that "cures a MBR infection"?

(the advanced persistent threat may be quite a justified description if running Windows - especially if it's XP)

Investigations are still ongoing, and I'm just quoting and translating local media reports as they come.

Comment: Additional updates since the initial crash (Score 5, Informative) 80

by bugbeak (#43223335) Attached to: Possible Cyber Attack Against South Korean Banks and TV Stations
According to additional reports throughout the day, malware was transmitted through patch management servers, affecting hundreds of PCs at the broadcasters and banks. The malware was designed to target the master boot records of the computers, taking them offline, and according to another article, local security experts say that this is an example of an advanced persistent threat.

+ - South Korean servers hit by hacking attempt->

Submitted by bugbeak
bugbeak writes: Earlier in the day today, servers and computers part of major broadcasters and a bank here in South Korea were taken offline in what is believed to be a cyberattack. The source of the attack is still unclear at the moment.

According to a more recently published Korean article, the malware that affected the computers affected the Master Boot Record, and that the code was distributed through servers that are meant to provide updates, though the article did not mention which updates.

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+ - Facebook user saved from suicide ->

Submitted by bugbeak
bugbeak writes: According to the BBC, a British teenager was saved after an attempted suicide when he made his intentions clear via PM with a friend in the United States via Facebook. Said friend notified her mother, who called the police, from where the call went to the White House and the British Embassy, eventually ending up in the Brit's hometown.
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We don't really understand it, so we'll give it to the programmers.