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Comment Re:Perhaps I can explain (Score 1) 440

"Or you can just admit that burglary is a really bad example of a gun crime. Burglars are overwhelmingly non-confrontational criminals."

I think you are reading far too much in to what I said. I used burglary where a gun is used is *NOT* a victimless crime. And it is not. And somehow, you read that to mean that I was trying to say burglaries were typically violent.

Or you can just admit that burglary is a perfectly good example for my purposes.

"You can take that to mean that the heightened penalties for armed burglary vs unarmed burglary have successfully dissuaded nearly all burglars from carrying guns."

That really wasn't even close to the argument I was making. Maybe you should re-read it. Because with your response it APPEARS you read that keeping guns away from school will keep killers away from schools -- which is the exact opposite of the argument I made. It will keep law-abiding folk from carrying guns on or near schools. That is all.

Submission Aliens Have a Tough Time Perceiving Human Communications and Tech->

szczys writes: The screen on that new cellphone has amazing pixel density, color vibrance, and refresh rate. The high-end headphones you just picked up do an amazing job reproducing sound. These devices that make up UI for our modern technology interface extremely well with Humans but are going to be awful communication modes for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Sure, we haven't made contact with alien life yet. Even if they did pick up our broadcasts or space probes the relatively narrow-range of audio (narrow and low frequency), visual (slow refresh rate), and data transmission methods are likely to make no sense to non-human entities. The Voyager Golden Record took a fascinating approach to making some data available to new civilizations; it's interesting to think of other ways we might communicate with beings of fundamentally different biology.
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Submission Brain prosthesis aims to help people struggling with memory loss->

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at USC and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center say they have developed a brain prosthesis designed to help people suffering from memory loss. The prosthesis, which includes a small array of electrodes implanted into the brain, has performed well in laboratory testing in animals and is currently being evaluated in human patients. Specifically it mimics how a memory is translated from short-term memory into long-term memory. In people with a damaged hippocampus it can loop the memory signals around the damage and provide the next region with the correctly translated memory. Their work was presented at the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.
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Comment Re:The Republicans will never allow this (Score -1, Troll) 141

"They see women as good for only wombs and want to force them at the threat of prison to have babies. That is the way of their kind. They hate us and want us to die. Want us to die."

Yes that is exactly what Republicans want.

And the Democrats plan to stop them by creating a socialist dictatorship with no freedoms and liberties.


Comment Re:Perhaps I can explain (Score 3, Interesting) 440

" I can logic too."

Just not very well. Owning, carrying and handling a gun in ways that are against the law are victimless crimes -- unless of course, those guns are used to commit OTHER crimes which are not victimless (like murder or theft).

People, for the most part, will obey gun laws -- except the burglars and killers. Really, the only people who will obey the limits on ownership and carry are the ones who would never use a gun in such a way.

So, when the original poster noted that it's a bad law because it puts otherwise law-abiding people in jail he was right. And by you trying to equivocate his statement to removing "all laws" actually suggests you can't "logic" very well.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 440

"it's unclear if he would have killed more people if they'd not shot him".

Nice quote. It's a reporter's quote and not necessarily false -- just misleading to take it for face value. Think it through. When do mass shooters stop shooting? When the (A) run out of ammo and/or (B) when confronted with an armed response. If the "armed response" happened BEFORE the police got there, then there's a pretty good logical path to "more deaths" UNTIL the police got there. Is it CERTAIN? No. You wouldn't get a "beyond reasonable doubt" on that (not implying any judicial meaning -- just quality of certainty). But if you were a betting man and this were Vegas, you'd bet any day of the week and three times on Sunday for more deaths until the police arrive -- it's almost a 'sure thing'.

Comment Re:Perhaps I can explain (Score 2) 440

You say: "The idea was not that signs would stop people determined to come in and shoot up a school. That was barely even a concept at the time. The idea was that if merely having a gun on you near a school would carry a harsher penalty than elsewhere it would drive gang and drug activity away from schools."

Ok. But you also agree that THIS is true: "A law that criminals will probably ignore, and won't care about in the least (they will be dead or in jail for murder), but will put otherwise law-abiding people in jail, is a bad law."

Does it matter what the sign was for if the results are the same? That a "criminal will probably ignore and wont care about in the least" being a bad law if it only "(puts) law-abiding people in jail"?

Comment Re:Are and storms that fierce on Mars? (Score 1) 113

If you are in low gravity, you can pick up much heavier objects and throw them at your friends. Getting hit with a 1 lbs rock will do less damage than getting hit with a 100 lbs rock -- gotta love how mass works.

Is there enough wind to MOVE huge rocks and people in space suits? Not really. But explosive decomp in lower gravity could possibily toss a 180 lbs human out the door and a decent rate of speed. And if there was a sudden stop (slamming in to a cliff or another habitat module), that could be pretty damaging. Maybe instead of a sand-storm there should have been an explosive decomp.

Comment Re:Racism v. Bias v. Intelligence (Score 1) 444

"There needs to be multiple paths of learning, so that those that are advancing faster can continue to advance."

Unless you plan to build "Plato's Republic" and take everyone's kids away from their parents and raise them in a communal group MUCH of what you request needs parental involvement.

Comment Re:How about if we OWN our personal information? (Score 1) 79

Imagine if we owned our personal information as a form of intellectual property

Ok, try doing that. Next time you're about to transmit your information to someone else, stop. Either don't send it at all, or send them cyphertext instead.

If Amazon wants to know how to descramble your zip code, they're going to have to make some kind of deal with you, wereby they become bound to the terms and conditions that you specify. I just hope that prior to making that deal, you don't get too impatient waiting for your packages.

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