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Comment: Dubious reviews ad nauseum (Score 1) 193

by buckfeta2014 (#47962419) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War
I can understand giving the place one star because that's what they want, but most of the reviews are from people who've never been to the place, or the reviews are all nonsense, like "I went to this Italian restaurant expecting to eat Chinese". I could see Yelp turning around, deleting all the reviews and starting this shitfest all over again.

Comment: Re:The Nanny State Strikes again! (Score 1) 364

by buckfeta2014 (#47871431) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled
Or Champix/Chantix, the anti-smoking pill that causes its users uncontrollable rage and suicide attempts (some of which were successful). All the FDA cares about is making money off the misery of Americans. On top of that, you have Canada, which feeds off anything America does, so they have Canadian blood on their hands as well.

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