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Comment Re:Can get by with around 4GB (Score 0) 350

Just because you're only using 4 doesn't mean you don't need more. There is quite a bit of overhead in terms of IO caching that could benefit from 2x your actual workload. At which point, you'll probably never need swap, but you should probably keep a couple gigs free for that just in case.

Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 378

Before you have a heart attack, I should warn you that I am not the AC posting here. And yes, when linux hibernates, it pushes memory to swap. If you don't have enough swap during a hibernate, the system treats its as a OOM condition, and finds the largest app to close, which is usually X or your browser. Also, if you think that suspend or hibernate "just work" without having to configure your system to do it, then you're a hand-holding fedora/ubuntu user and have no idea how linux really works.

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