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Comment Re:Cool! (Score 4, Informative) 435

To date, everything they've ever tested says that the theory of relativity, as far as we've been able to investigate, hasn't shown any cracks.

That's not quite right.

- GR breaks down when you go to quantum levels
- GR does not fully describe black holes (particularly their horizon and the singularity)
- GR is incomplete with regards to explaining the expansion of the universe (the discrepancy is called Dark Energy)

Comment No global deletion (Score 3, Informative) 93

[Google] will soon start polishing search results across all its websites when someone conducts a search from the country where the removal request originated, a person close to the company said.

So it will remove for all users requesting from France (or whichever country the request was made for). Requests from other countries remain unaffected. TFS spreads FUD about right-to-be-forgotten policies.

Comment Re:Cheaper and Faster???? (Score 3, Informative) 70

Because you don't need a plug. Says TFA. Presumably that is a positive shape that has to be produced first out of which the mold is made. With 3d printing you can make the mold directly.

I guess with CNC (subtractive manufacturing) you can only make a blade shape, but not its negative while with 3d printing (additive manufacturing) you can make either.

Comment Re:I avoid knockoffs (Score 1) 54

I advise people stick to the big ones (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS, Arch, Gentoo, SUSE, Tails) since they're thoroughly audited by security professionals

Haha, no! Perhaps a few core libraries are, if you are lucky.

whereas those tiny little forks that do nothing but alter the UI probably aren't.

Most distros are repackaging from the larger distros (Debian, Red Hat, Arch, Gentoo, SUSE), and security-related changes go upstream and downstream (well, sooner or later). So you there is no major difference in security between UI-altering ones such as Mint and Debian.

Comment Re:Yeah, automated tweeting to PR mouthpiece... (Score 1) 154

For a simple speed test the Raspberry Pi might well suffice. I'd be interested in this Internet monitor if it could perform a few more checks. We offer WiFi in a few of our rental properties, and it's frustrating when the tenants complain about intermittent connectivity issues or slowness: by the time I get to the property, the problems have of course magically disappeared. Besides I don't want to get up at all hours to go and check the equipment. Would be great to have a Raspberry Pi monitoring the WiFi and wired connections and performance, logging the results.

I think you could make nagios do that.

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