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by btobin (#13937035) Attached to: Can Open Source Outdo the IPod?
So, why aren't H300 series players flying off the shelves like hot cakes? [..] There's also no easy way to get music that will play on them across the internet.

iRiver H10, H320, H340, T10 and T30 players are all WMA compatible, meaning that they can be used with Yahoo Music or other WMA subscription services. Using my T30 with Yahoo is easy as pie; I plug in my T30, the Yahoo music software recognizes it and I drag songs or albums onto the device. Moreover one monthly fee (4.95 when I joined) gets me free access to their entire catalog. I've downloaded about 200 songs so far this month and they've all been on my T30. Maybe I'm mistaken, but wouldn't this cost me 200 bucks if I were using Itunes?

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