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Comment: As long as I continue to get free VoIP... (Score 1) 119

by bryansj (#39485391) Attached to: What Does Google Get Out of Voice?
I don't care what the reasons are as long as my Obi 110 keeps giving me free VoIP using Google Voice. I have my Obi hooked into my home phone line so every phone in the house can use it to make and receive calls just like the landline service that I cancelled. It works great and helps me keep our mobile minutes on the minimum plan.

Comment: Re:Logitech Harmony Batteries (Score 1) 297

by bryansj (#37386860) Attached to: AA batteries of any kind in my residence:
Too bad the batteries outlast many Harmony remotes due to the cheap build quality of their products. After going through five RMAs or credit card warranty protections for my Harmony remote I jumped ship to a pro model of a URC. It makes Harmony look like FisherPrice. Most products get better with each newer version, but Logitech removes features with each new model. A Harmony 890 has Z-wave, 5 button sequences, and four IR emitter ports. The latest Harmony 900 has no Z-wave support, can't do sequences, and only has two IR emitter ports (which use a less common 2.5mm jack as well).

Comment: Re:It's not really "unseen" (Score 1) 566

by bryansj (#36887620) Attached to: 35% Consumers Want iPhone 5... Sight Unseen

Or people like me that are stuck with AT&T so a contract extension is meaningless. Also for each release AT&T has allowed early adopters to purchase the new model with no upgrade penalty.

When the iPhone 4 was released I sold my iPhone 3G for ~$250 and got a new iPhone 4 for $200.

When the iPhone 5 is released I can sell my iPhone 4 for ~$250 and get a new iPhone 5 for $200.

So yes, I'd like $50 and a brand new phone.

Comment: Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 118

by bryansj (#36683896) Attached to: Using Old Linksys Routers to Control BBQ Smokers
Why would you be checking fuel in a BGE? Do you have a small or mini? My large BGE can go over 20 hours on a load of lump at around 250F. Before I got my Stoker I would get it stable at my target temperature. Then before bed I'd go out and open the bottom vent a small bit. I'd rather it creep up than down during the night and that usually worked very well. I'd also have the Maverick ET73 to check the temperatures, however running out of fuel was never a concern.

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