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Comment: Feedly (Score 1) 335

by brisk0 (#43975659) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Will You Replace Google Reader?
I've been using Feedly increasingly since a few days after the announcement. At first it was a simply awful replacement, but the devs seem eager to implement the full gambit of Reader's abilities, and since then all of the features I used from Reader have been implemented (although some perhaps sub-optimally). My only real complaint is how ridiculously long it takes to load compared to Reader. I also haven't given the add-on a serious try (I've mostly browsed from Android phone).

Comment: Re:Reinstall Ubuntu. (Score 1) 573

by brisk0 (#43265575) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: New To Linux; Which Distro?
I disagree entirely. Ubuntu is rife with Windows style -it just works, of course it does, no you can't 'fix' it!- style issues, especially if your hardware is slightly outside their testing spec. (they were relatively new at the time, but Ubuntu with a netbook caused massive problems). Arch is ALWAYS fixable if you're up for a good challenge.

That being said, Arch may not be the way to go, as its developers have the tendency to do stupid things and push things into the repos that shouldn't be pushed, but there's a mailing list that describes all the problems (which the devs insist you subscript to and check every time you want to poke the repos with a stick), and there's always one guy willing to stand up to the abuse in the forums and get a proper answer from someone about how to fix it, and if you want to learn command-line Linux, by gum you'll learn fast. The documentation on the archwiki also goes above and beyond in the way of how to do x. If you do go the arch route, I highly reccomend running another computer nearby to look up the archwiki etc. on whilst you're setting up. And every time you update...

Comment: Re:!(Prisoner's Dilemma) (Score 1) 626

by brisk0 (#42918133) Attached to: French Police Unsure Which Twin To Charge In Sexual Assaults
Except the law doesn't work via compromise. It's suggested that only one of the brothers committed the assaults, in which case one of them is going to jail. The first line might be true in so far as they might both be held until they can be sorted out, but not as a sentence. The second line is invalid towards the dilemma as this can (probably) only go one way, only one brother has the ability to present convincing proof that the other did it. Due to this alone #3 is impossible, but nobody's getting sentenced until it's sorted out anyway.

Comment: Programmer DVORAK (Score 1) 165

by brisk0 (#42918057) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Keyboard Layout To Reduce Right Pinky/Ring Finger Usage?
I've only used a QWERTY keyboard, and I was originally taught to type how you were saying was uncomfortable for you, with home rows and specific fingers for specific keys. I don't have a specific problem but my pinkies kind of suck so as I've gotten more used to the keyboard layout I've just been more fluid in my typing. 90% of keys I hit with my index fingers, although my other fingers and even pinkies do come in to play every now and again, presumably due to some distance/usefulness tradeoff. I've tested for both formal and informal typing speeds (home row vs. hands shifting about) and found that they are virtually identical speeds at 90WPM for me. Basically, I would say keep to the keyboard you know best but try a different style that's more comfortable.

Comment: No, Bad Boeing! (Score 1) 147

by brisk0 (#41566363) Attached to: Boeing Proposes Using Gas Clouds To Bring Down Orbital Debris
A large cost of space travel is getting everything needed for the journey from Earth into space. Here we have a large quantity of materials perfect for spacecraft manufacturing already in space. Build a recycling plant or leave it for someone else, but pushing it towards Earth just seems like the epitome of waste.

Comment: Re:the simulation can never end (Score 2) 144

by brisk0 (#41535041) Attached to: How Cosmological Supercomputers Evolve the Universe All Over Again
Not infinitesimally, each universe would probably have to be significantly simpler than the one it's already in, until the point that a universal simulation is too complex for the universe. Of course any one universe could spawn [very large number] of simulated worlds in a tree structure.
So if we assume mediocrity (and assume I'm not just spouting bull), we exist in one of the simpler universes... the original must have been nuts.

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