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+ - Personal Cloud Storage

Submitted by brianmed
brianmed (131838) writes "Given that we have terabytes of storage at home should there be a service that augments Box and Dropbox? FileBeagle and Tonido are two products that hope to do this. They allow for everything on your computer to be accessed by you and let you share things with other people."

+ - Do Slashdotters use Markdown and Pandoc?

Submitted by BartlebyScrivener
BartlebyScrivener (903011) writes "I am a author, screenwriter, law prof, and a hobbyist programmer. I love MacVim and write almost everything in it: Exams, novels, even screenplays now that Fountain is available. I use LaTeX and WordPress and so on, but several years ago I discovered Markdown and the wonderful Pandoc. I searched Slashdot expecting to find lively discussions of both Markdown and Pandoc, but found nothing. Do Slashdotters look down their noses at these tools and do their work in HTML and LaTeX? I can't imagine computer geeks using Word instead of their favorite text editors. If not Markdown and Pandoc, what tools do Slashdotters use when they create documents that probably need to be distributed in more than one format: HTML, PDF, EPUB or perhaps even docx?"

Who Unfriended You, and Why 122

Posted by timothy
from the look-to-your-left-look-to-your-right dept.
Barence writes "Given that social-networking sites like to put across a happy-clappy image of friendship and joy, it's not surprising that they're less keen to tell you when someone doesn't want to be as friendly with you any more. PC Pro reveals how to find out who really hates you on social networks. It's possible to track who's quietly dropped you from their Facebook friends list, for example, by installing Firefox's Greasemonkey add-in and running a special script. Meanwhile, there are sites that will reveal the exact tweet that turned people off your Twitter account."

+ - Visa Jobs->

Submitted by brianmed
brianmed (131838) writes "As you know there are H1-B and other types of visa holders with lots of different jobs in the US. I don't want to debate how to fix the problem; however, I did want to know what and where the money was going. Therefore, I got the data and wrote a website to show this."
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+ - Where do you look for (full-time) jobs?

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "I find myself thinking about finding a new job but not seeing too many opportunities. The last time I did this, I mostly used craigslist, though I also browsed 37signals, 43folders, CrunchBoard, GigaOM, Joel On Software, Slashdot and The Daily WTF. I am also aware of CareerBuilder, Dice and monster but have found that they offer very few interesting opportunities and most positions tend to be contract. I used to have more than a hundred jobs to skim through each day but now I'm frequently seeing ten or fewer. It's possible there are just fewer jobs available but I suspect a lot of companies have just found new listing sites. What resources are you using when searching for full-time jobs (not contract)?"

+ - Emulated Mac OS X->

Submitted by
Alexander Graf
Alexander Graf writes "Have you ever been in the position of running Linux as main Operating System on your Intel Mac and you were in dire need of an OSX only program? This is no longer a problem, as I modified Qemu and KVM to run Mac OS X, so you can just boot Mac OS X in a virtual machine, just like you did with Windows anyway.
If you don't have a Mac though, don't despair. This works for non-Macs too.

@staff I don't think this is enough of a description. Please ask me something I can answer directly your readers would like to know and visit the project site, especially the FAQ section."

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+ - U.S. tech workers' group ends H-1B fight->

Submitted by
cweditor writes "Five years ago, some unemployed IT workers in Connecticut formed an advocacy group to fight against the H-1B and L-1 visa programs. The Organization for the Rights of American Workers (TORAW) succeeded in getting visa-overhaul legislation introduced in Congress; they also held protests (including one at an outsourcing conference where one member held a "will code for food" sign). But now TORAW is disbanding, president John Bauman told Computerworld.

"People lost interest in the fight," Bauman said. Many members just gave up and moved on, taking jobs in other industries. For instance, one of the organizers is driving an 18-wheeler, while another is doing home repair work."

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+ - Nanowires boost laptop battery life to 20 hours

Submitted by brianmed
brianmed (131838) writes "Stanford researchers have found a way to use silicon nanowires to reinvent the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power laptops, cell phones, MP3 players and other portable devices. The new version, developed through research led by Yi Cui, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, produces up to 10 times the amount of electricity of existing lithium-ion batteries."

+ - Brain grown in jar pilots F-22 sim-> 5

Submitted by NJ Hewitt
NJ Hewitt (1048942) writes ""Florida scientists have grown a brain in a petri dish and taught it to pilot an F-22 jet simulator." The brain, with neurons connected to 60 electrodes, at first had no ability to pilot the fighter jet, but slowly learned and can now reliably navigate through even hurricane-force winds in the simulator."
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+ - Best programming chair

Submitted by
Caffeinebot writes "As a programmer I have a tendency to get engrossed in the current bug/feature/solution, for hours at a time. Even when Gnome imposes a typing break every hour, by the end of the day my back gets sore and my overall body is unhappy- so I ask slashdotters what is your favorite chair that gives you maximum upper and lower lumbar support for maximum ergonomic comfort?"

+ - Is there an installable alternative to Outlook?

Submitted by Komaji
Komaji (1134667) writes "I work in IT and want to recommend an Outlook alternative to steer clear of the MS empire. For email and web I recommend Thunderbird and Firefox. I am very confident to do this because I believe these are equal or better solutions to standard MS software. But, I am totally stuck when it comes to a collaborative email, notes, tasks, and calendar application. I have tried various web solutions including; gmail, yahoo, and backpackit which I think are good solutions. It seems though many people want an something that can be installed on their machines and also sync PIM's. Is there anything out there that meets this need?"
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+ - I produced a large turd

Submitted by
LA VERDAD writes "I just expelled a large-ish turd. It was of medium-hard consistency and sank to the bottom of the bowl. The odor was faintly sweet and it was flecked with little seeds from my healthy multigrain bread.


+ - Salt water as fuel?->

Submitted by er20
er20 (973535) writes "David Templeton of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports "John Kanzius, a Washington County native, tried to desalinate seawater with a generator he developed to treat cancer, and it caused a flash in the test tube. Within days, he had the salt water in the test tube burning like a candle, as long as it was exposed to radio frequencies. His discovery has spawned scientific interest in using the world's most abundant substance as clean fuel, among other uses.""
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