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+ - Violates GPL/BSD Terms->

Submitted by brianerst
brianerst (549609) writes "The new website for the PPACA insurance exchanges,, is currently violating the terms of the open source DataTables jQuery plugin. It is dual licensed as GPL v2 and BSD (3-point) so all that is required is to leave the comment header with the copyright notices and it's free to use. replaces the comment header with one stripping all copyright and ownership details while leaving source comments alone.

Your government in action!"

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+ - Power Your House With The Sides of Your Windows->

Submitted by
brianerst writes "Researchers at MIT have developed a technique to route and concentrate the light that hits a glass pane to its edges. Solar cells only need to be placed along the edges, leading to fewer cells operating at higher efficiency.

Because the system is simple to manufacture, the team believes that it could be implemented within three years — even added onto existing solar-panel systems to increase their efficiency by 50 percent for minimal additional cost. That, in turn, would substantially reduce the cost of solar electricity.

They use thin films of dye to funnel specific wavelengths of light to the edges, making them glow brightly. Heck, I want the coatings on my iPhone just for the cool passive glowing effect. It beats double-shot plastic by a mile!"
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+ - AT&T Terms of Service Become Less Evil->

Submitted by
brianerst writes "In a stunning reversal, AT&T has modified its Terms of Service to eliminate a controversial clause allowing them to to terminate any customer that criticized the company. The new clause states that "AT&T respects freedom of expression and believes it is a foundation of our free society to express differing points of view." The first few sentences look like they were written by Eben Moglen, not the corporate weasels most corporations employ. Later on, the typical law enforcement and IP clauses make their standard appearances, but all in all, a much better deal for everyone involved."
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