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Comment Publicly funded research should be free right? (Score 1) 131

So my problem with all of this is that a huge % of the research happening in the US is funded, at least in part, through grants etc made using state/federal tax dollars. I can't see how they can justify putting what amounts to crowdfunded research behind a payperview gateway.

Comment And with it plumes of coal smoke over the country. (Score 1) 904

It makes me laugh that no one bothers to look past their facade of green. From the chemicals in the batteries to what it takes to manufacture them to the short life between charges to the fact that 99% of the "Zero Emission Vehicles" in this country are powered by shovel loads of burning coal most people don't want to understand that they haven't even begin to get off of fossil fuels yet.

Comment VPN Services make this quaint and outmoded. (Score 1) 267

With the huge number of VPN services out there running on common https ports these days your employees are going to go anywhere they want anyway unless you're strictly controlling their actual desktop machines and the software that they can install and run (and even then they have local access so if they're smart they'll figure it out) so while I definitely think it's ridiculous to allow the users to access the firewall directly it's also important to remember that your rules are quaint and outmoded in real life.

Comment Most electric cars are powered by burning coal ... (Score 1) 280

Exactly how will switching over to electric power lower the # of BTUs required when what we're talking about here is switching over to a less efficient medium of energy transfer IE Continually shoving coal into a furnace to create heat that spins a turbine that produces electricity vs a single gallon of gas creating an explosion that could take you 50+ miles depending on the efficiency of your vehicle.

Comment Absolutely worthless .. and overpriced (Score 1) 698

We really need 100k of tech to tell that someone is inside a school building shooting? Really? This is just stupid. Also, this system was designed for use in the field and relies largely on many channels of audio from different sources to converge and tell where a shooter is at a distance. The application here is way, way more simplistic. All they need is a sensor with microphone in each large open area with a trigger to alert for it's sector alone not a massive, complicated computer driven system meant to triangulate point of origin for a bullet moving through though the air. You could build something like this easily with one raspberry pi or old sun microsystems sunspot per open area with a microphone attached to it and one central server.

Comment Re:Gun nuts (Score 1) 1374

Clearly you don't understand what bear arms means .... it doesn't mean own it means CARRY ... the second amendment specifically says that our US governments can pass no law or policy that infringes our right to keep (own) or bear(carry) firearms ... period .... and as you say restrictions that make it harder clearly DO infringe these rights. And more importantly ANY state or municipality that pass a law preventing someone from not just owning but CARRYING a firearm are breaking this ultimate law of our land

Comment Re:Took them long enough... (Score 1) 934

HAHAHAHAH You are very, very wrong. You need to spend a while reading the real crime statistics ... you are 1000% more likely to be robbed, raped or murders in ANY major metropolitan area than you are in ANY rural area .... but gun ownership in rural areas are 300-400% higher than they are in the inner city.

Comment No one should BELIEVE in evolution. It's a theory. (Score 1) 1010

No one should BELIEVE in evolution. It's a theory. It's a field of study. It isn't for believing it's for understanding and researching. If you want to believe in something, which suggests faith rather than the acquisition of or pursuit of knowledge you might as well just be reading a bible rather than a science text book.

Comment So we're supposed to let them loose to roam? (Score 1) 641

So we're supposed to let them loose to roam about the US countryside? I can't see this ending badly at all ;) I suppose as legal people we must teach them all sign language? Give them the right to vote? Does it also mean that they go to regular prison when they eat people's faces? Remember this?

Comment So gun websites should be monitored? (Score 2, Interesting) 309

It started out sounding like an interesting article but I wanted to stop reading and write the guy off as an bigot and an idiot here ... "The customer they were monitoring was a particular website that was very benign. It seems ridiculous to me. It was beyond absurd. It wasn’t like a guns and ammo website."

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