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Comment Re: Why would you have this on an open network? (Score 1) 53

I think that you've missed the point here... This isn't about price or performance... The vendor has identified and patched an vulnerability, and have made the patch available in a free update that is easy to install, yet a large number of users haven't installed the update yet. How would this be improved by using an open source solution, which is generally more complicated to administer than an appliance with an embedded OS?

Submission + - LEGO announces a new MINDSTORMS EV3 platform (

Barryke writes: Today LEGO announces the new mohawk (NASA's turf) sporting MINDSTORMS EV3 platform, press release: (we all like the source)

And with details on its features and innards a story (dutch) at which in short comes down to:
"Its intelligent brick sports an ARM9-soc running Linux on 64MB RAM and 16MB storage memory, and supports SD cards. There are also four ports, which allow four other 'Bricks' can be connected. The intelligent brick can be reached by WiFi, USB and Bluetooth, and supports control via Android and iOS devices. It comes with 3 servo's, two touch sensors and an IR sensor to track other robots at upto six meters. It also includes 17 build plans, shown in 3D using Adobe Inventor Publisher."


Submission + - Why is OpenDNS redirecting Google?

bradt writes: Yesterday, a friend suggested that I check out as a way to "speed up" my internet connection... I did a few DNS lookups with dig to see if they were faster than my ISP, and discovered that OpenDNS is redirecting to their domain! It seems that this issue has been going on for at least a month, and has been discussed in the OpenDNS Forum and in Google Groups as well.

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