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Comment Re:Wouldn't this lead to Natural Selection? (Score 3, Insightful) 171

1. Often leads to mixed up styles and programs that are spottily documented.
2. Tons of example code does little to no error checking.
3. Plus many times when I clean up from example code programmers they haven't really stepped through the new code very well. They get in a hurry meeting the insane deadlines they feed to business and fuck up.
4. Do you really understand something if you cheat on it? How do you really know what you know and don't know if you can't do it yourself (this a serious fucking problem, very few people can truly estimate what they do and do not know) ? That is like saying, why do all of the homework that has been solved before.
5. Leads to the "Then why not use libraries for everything" kind of mentality that we have at my work.

Comment Re:Except they used regular SMS (Score 3, Insightful) 291

This is about investigator laziness, disregard for law abiding citizens privacy, and expanding power bases for the police, FBI, etc.... What you won't hear until well after the authorities make a power grab are the mistakes of the investigators to use the existing powers they have to foil or stop the plot.

Warrants and limitations on investigative powers are paramount to keeping the rule of law in place. While I can understand streamlining existing warrant procedures to make them more responsive. Such as changing wire taps to follow a person instead of be limited to a selected phone. The powers that be pushed for MUCH more than that. And congress encouraged this behavior in a number of ways, they wrote a blank check after 9/11 for the NSA, FBI, homeland sec for any thing they wanted to "prevent the next 9/11". So in a time of great austerity for many social programs, space, sciences, many agencies and 3rd parties were flush with money to pursue anything they fucking wanted.

Comment Enter the paranoid world of the super rich (Score 1) 444

Those who want to wear the gold chains but don't want the little people, without the gold chains, noticing their gold chains.

I am not rich, but I certainly have bought shit to fill the whole in what was my personal life. Fill the fucking whole and you won't need a team of therapists that cater to rich people problems (Most likely so that they can have rich people problems of their own). You won't need someone to make you feel good about the fact that you spend money on buying stupid shit to make up for your personal problems.

I also have rich relatives. They are miserable and empty to be around, I would rather spend the holidays at a waffle house with my immediate family who are middle class than in their huge empty mansion.

Comment Re:No, because it sucks. (Score 1) 654

You are going to have homeless and unclean people taking mass transit as long as you have homeless people. The problem gets worse because people like you avoid seeing them more and more and become unaware of the problem. Out of sight, out of mind. I see them everyday and have learned to deal with them. The problem is not that they really impose on people that much, usually (there is the occasional exception in my experience in NYC), its just that people don't want to see them.

The dirtiness sucks and is totally inexcusable in my opinion. People in the city need to follow the rules and the MTA needs to seriously step up the number of cleanings they do in the stations per month. There was an article about this recently in the news up here and the MTA is way behind on its target cleaning numbers.

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