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Comment: *Some* PC suppliers provide what's wanted (Score 1) 151

by bpmurray (#2038698) Attached to: Australian Linux user gets Windows Refund
All this negative stuff about PC suppliers misses an important point: there are some responsible stores who actually provide what their customers want, and don't forcefeed them Windoze.

I bought a PC just before Christmas and asked for no OS, and the salesman understood and accepted that I wanted to use Linux, to the extent that he recommended that I select a different video card since mmy first choice might give problems (PnP). I did as he suggested (the card was actually a few $ less that my first choice) and it works perfectly.

In fact the machine was $80 cheaper than if I had bought it with Win installed, so he made his sale and I got what I wanted without paying the MS tax - isn't that what the salesperson/customer thing is all about?

I suggest we support the stores that allow this choice - forget the big corporations who work hand-in-glove with MS.

For the record I bought the machine at PC's For Everyone in Cambridge MA. I can't fault them for anything in this purchase, so I will use them agian. Their URL is


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