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Comment: Re:Seems familiar (Score 1) 121 121

I think you may have missed the point (and, I don't think his point was clearly made). The thing about "all those shark attacks" that took place 5-10 years ago one Summer? Not statistically significant, in terms of the annual average. There really weren't *more* shark attacks that year, just more got reported. People don't realize that, then they freak out, stay at home, and die from carbon monoxide poisoning or raining frogs.

Comment: A little side note to the geniuses at MIT (Score 3, Funny) 192 192

Miniature surveillance aircraft would never need to return to base if they could cling to overhead power lines to recharge their batteries. Now engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are close to perfecting the trick – taking inspiration from birds.

Uh, the birds aren't recharging.


Comment: Best Ground-up OSS alternative? (Score 1) 249 249

For a small business that is just now looking at getting an Exchange server, what would be the bess OSS alternative?

Thinking that it would be much easier to build and integrate the OSS solution from the ground up, rather than shoehorn it into an existing Exchange environment, what's the best approach here?

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