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Comment: Time Drive (Score 4, Interesting) 186

by bpfinn (#36673940) Attached to: If I must read a bit of spam, I'd rather it be ...
I got a spam message about 10 years ago asking if anybody had a replacement engine for a time machine. I believe the alleged time traveler asked to meet the person with the spare engine in a park in Boston at a specific date and time. I can honestly say I've never gotten another spam quite like that.

Comment: How does the tracking device work? (Score 1) 761

by bpfinn (#33885700) Attached to: Careful What You Post, the FBI Has More of These
Is it wrong that instead of being outraged that civil liberties were violated, I just wanted to know how the tracking device worked? Does the FBI plant it and collect it later, or does it transmit position information? (Can I build a little Faraday cage for it when I find one on my car?)

Comment: Re:Frustration... (Score 1) 606

by bpfinn (#29747193) Attached to: Do You Provide Tech Support To Friends and Family?
I have seriously considered buying a Mac for my in-laws because they break their Windows PCs fairly often. I'm afraid that they will just put it in a corner, continue to use their Windows machines and call me when they get a virus. I think that would actually cost me a little bit of my soul....

"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds." -- J. Finnegan, USC.