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Comment Time Drive (Score 4, Interesting) 186

I got a spam message about 10 years ago asking if anybody had a replacement engine for a time machine. I believe the alleged time traveler asked to meet the person with the spare engine in a park in Boston at a specific date and time. I can honestly say I've never gotten another spam quite like that.

Comment How does the tracking device work? (Score 1) 761

Is it wrong that instead of being outraged that civil liberties were violated, I just wanted to know how the tracking device worked? Does the FBI plant it and collect it later, or does it transmit position information? (Can I build a little Faraday cage for it when I find one on my car?)

Comment Re:Frustration... (Score 1) 606

I have seriously considered buying a Mac for my in-laws because they break their Windows PCs fairly often. I'm afraid that they will just put it in a corner, continue to use their Windows machines and call me when they get a virus. I think that would actually cost me a little bit of my soul....

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