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Comment: Re:Only for certain kind of analyst... (Score 0) 382

by bozendoka (#26371051) Attached to: The Power of the R Programming Language
Once upon a time, a guy I worked with created an Excel workbook where the user would paste in a ginormous list of parts and it would go through about five minutes of gymnastics to parse it out into a bunch of shipping lists. After he left, guess who got to attempt to fix it when it (inevitably) broke?

So many VLookups...

Comment: Re:Anyone prefer this to the stock firmware? (Score 0) 248

by bozendoka (#25164467) Attached to: After 3 Years, Rockbox 3.0 Released
I own a Sansa, and most of what was posted here applies. I'd add that the shuffle is a real, playlist based shuffle, rather than the random play that my Sansa firmware uses. I don't know which type iPods use.

To clarify the difference:
Shuffle: Create a playlist, shuffle it, then play the shuffled playlist.
Random: Play a song, then randomly play another song with a chance, however small, of playing the same song again or within a few songs.