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Comment: Re:So (Score 1) 545

The point was, either way you aren't going to get arrested.

And there are legitimate causes for concern if you are irradiated, and while you may not be breaking the law there is a possibility that you are oblivious to it, in which case you should be informed.

"Do you know that you're irradiated?" is a question I'd like to have asked of me if I didn't know i was irradiated.

Comment: Re:The war on terror is over (Score 1) 811

Corporations stand to lose business if they gain a reputation of being too invasive. The TSA, being a government agency does not directly rely on the people they infringe on for income. also, the TSA has managed to insert itself into every single commercial airport in the US.

Competition is a good thing, especially in this case.

Comment: Re:First Jerk to Fine: (Score 1) 316

Most people don't have to ask. Out of all the comments I read, only yours had any issue with this.

I meant "they", the Slashdot editors. Just in the summaries of a couple of today's articles:

You're being silly. If you're on slashdot, you already have a connection to the internet. There's no reason you can't lookup things you don't know.

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