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Comment Re:Or maybe not so... (Score 1) 945 945

Mandatory national insurance was the sweetener to get the congress critters who were in the pockets of the health insurance lobbyists to vote for the bill.

Mandatory insurance is the only way you can set up a system with mandated coverage for preexisting conditions. Otherwise, why would anyone get insurance? You could always wait to buy insurance until you developed an expensive problem.

The home owners insurance companies would soon be bankrupt if the government mandated coverage for preexisting fires.

Comment Re:M.A.D. (Score 2) 703 703

Yes, this will likely have the effect of governments exerting greater control over the internet - exactly what the script kiddies would be most outraged by.

Exactly. I read somewhere: "They'll have to shut down the internet to stop us"
Um, yeah. And that would be good how?

I don't see the internet being shut down, but I wouldn't be surprised at declining internet freedom in direct proportion to the success of "operation payback".

Comment Re:One of Our Cancers (Score 4, Insightful) 529 529

Who determines that the websites in question are distributing copyrighted materials?

I don't call it due process when your property is seized by way of court order resulting from a hearing in which you weren't allowed to give your side of the story.

The owner of Torrent Finder found out about the action after the site was seized. (even though the site hosts no torrents and returns search results through embedded iframes) So the site is gone until he can convince the government to give it back.

Yeah, that's my America. Give the government the power to punish without so much as a public hearing. After all there's no chance THAT power will be abused.

Comment Re:The eternal September 11 (Score 1) 853 853

Disconnect bloggers that criticize his health-reform?

I think people who believe this level of stupidity deserve to be disconnected from the Internet. They are fucking damage, and I'm getting tired of routing around them.

Yeah, it's wrong to censor anyone. Except those who are saying the wrong thing.

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