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Submission + - Elite: Dangerous game footage

bowman9991 writes: David Braden's resurrection of his iconic 3D gaming masterpiece 'Elite' is moving into top gear. After a successful KickStarter campaign raised over £1.83 million (US $2.82), new in game footage, images and development details reveal some mesmerizing space flight sequences, an intriguing game philosophy with an open ended universe to explore, and details about the procedural generation programming techniques that will make it all possible.

Submission + - If Steve Jobs had been a Catholic he would be a saint by now (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "If Apple's CEO Tim Cook was the Pope, and Apple the Catholic church, Steve Jobs would have been fast tracked to sainthood by now and would be ready for our prayers. The miracles of the iPad and iPhone were witnessed by many. After watching the latest promotional video on the anniversary of Steve Job's death playing on Apple's website, Apple appears determined to turn their former computer salesman and marketing spin doctor into a cult leader or technological saint. Is his memory worthy of the praise or is this simply ongoing media manipulation to sell more devices and make more money?"

Submission + - Microsoft's Windows 8: tragic mistake or stroke of genius? (sciencefictionworld.com) 1

bowman9991 writes: "When Windows 8 hits 26 October with multiple new tablets, PC desktop machines and ultra-books (and a new version of Microsoft Office), PC users everywhere will suddenly be faced with Microsoft's radically designed "Metro" user interface. Have Microsoft made a massive mistake by introducing an operating system that appears at first glance to be focused on touch and tablets when the majority still use non-touch machines? Or have they built a software system that will impress and thrive on any hardware form factor? Windows Vista or the greatest unified software master stroke of the 21st century?"

Submission + - Rotten Apple: the war on Google's Android (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "Powerful marketing, questionable lawsuits and a closed operating system make Apple simultaneously the most popular technology company in the world and also one of the most arrogant and anti-competitive. Apple's war on companies using Google's Android operating system stifles innovation and hurts users everywhere. As one of the profit leaders in the US technology field, Apple should be a leader in other ways too, but they've managed to rapidly become a technological tyrant. If your company or product has an "i" in it they will sue. If your logo is in any way apple shaped, they will sue. If you name something that they've decided to name they sue (or buy you out if that doesn't work). If your blog or newspaper posts something against them, they will blacklist you from all future media events. All technology products have been built upon the work of legions of engineers and designers over decades and Apple is no exception. The foundation stones for all current iDevices come from IBM, Xerox, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Kodak, just to name a few. Apple do not own innovation."

Submission + - Will Android's Evi speak louder than Apple's Siri? (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "The iPhone's built in, voice-driven personal assistant called Siri now has an impressive Android rival called Evi. While Apple's Siri gets a lot of its information from the Wolfram Alpha knowledge engine, Evi sources its material from the True Knowledge engine. With the help of Apple's marketing clout, intelligent voice recognition software is coming of age. You'll be talking to your phone and everything else in no time."

Submission + - I want everyone to be eaten by dinosaurs (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "A reviewer at Science Fiction World is decidedly unimpressed with Fox's expensive, time travelling dinosaur filled TV show Terra Nova. "After watching the pilot...I am praying that when I watch the next episode the entire cast gets eaten by dinosaurs. The entire cast's gruesome deaths at the hands of a frenzied T-Rex or a velociraptor having a bad day can't come soon enough. Should a prehistoric volcano erupt at the same time and spew molten lava over the human compound and all its occupants while they're being eaten alive by the dinosaurs, all the better. If I've given you the impression that I didn't enjoy the opening episodes, you may be onto something.""

Submission + - America killed Torchwood (sciencefictionworld.com) 1

bowman9991 writes: "Torchwood's fourth season is now officially dead on arrival in the US — which is ironic given that the premise concerns a day when everyone worldwide stops dying. The elements that made the show original and fresh in the UK have largely vanished. Jack and Gwen return to their pivotal roles, and they perform admirably, but the rest of the new US cast are seriously bad. You have to wonder what producer/ head writer Russell T. Davis and Starz were thinking. Torchwood: Miracle day makes you long for the glory days when accents were Welsh and aliens from the rift were the primary focus."

Submission + - Ridley Scott directing Blade Runner 2 (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "Ridley Scott is set to direct another installment of Blade Runner after he finishes work on his latest science fiction film Prometheus. It's unclear whether this will be a sequel, prequel or simply a film set in the same Blade Runner universe, but it has Ridley Scott at the helm, so expect the unexpected. Blade Runner was filmed over 29 years ago now in 1982, with Scott's Alien appearing three years before that."

Submission + - Apes plus (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "Rise of the Planet of the Apes is one of the best Apes films ever, a physical and intellectual struggle against human bondage. Real world genetic experimentation with a human emotional twist. The ape special effects are outstanding and the portrayal of the main chimpanzee Caesar by Andy Serkis (in a motion capture suit in front of a blue screen, rather than a real ape suit with fur) is nothing short of spectacular. Smartly plotted and emotionally engaging, with some clever references and tie ins with the previous films, Caesar fights to free himself and his fellow apes from his inferior genetic heritage. You'll never look at apes the same way again."

Submission + - Blade Runner sequels and prequels happening (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "The iconic science fiction film Blade Runner, based on Philip K. Dick's book and directed by Ridley Scott, will be followed up with sequels and prequels soon. Alcon Entertainment is in final discussions to secure film, TV and franchise rights. They are in the early stages of sorting out how to proceed and were not sure if Ridley Scott would be involved."

Submission + - Colin Farrell in Total Recall remake (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Verhoeven's 1990 movie Total Recall was a pulpish, high testosterone, over the top gore fest, but it appears the upcoming remake will be different. Farrell replaces Schwarzenegger in a film that will reportedly be closer to Philip K. Dick's original short story We can Remember it for Wholesale. Filming starts 15 May 2011. Underworld's Len Wiseman directs."

Submission + - Why we never went back to the moon (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "Apollo 18 was one of three planned Apollo moon missions cancelled during the 1960s and 1970s due to budget cuts and timing. But what if Apollo 18 did go ahead, but the public was kept in the dark? That's the premise of the upcoming science fiction thriller, 'Apollo 18'. The film will feature 'lost' recordings from Apollo 18's covert mission to the lunar surface, where 'something very, very bad happened to the crew.' Something so bad NASA and mankind can never go back..."

Submission + - Skyline wins worst movie of the year award (sciencefictionworld.com)

bowman9991 writes: "With a silly, half-dimensional storyline, characters most people will hate almost immediately, and a collection of some of the worst movie cliches ever packed into 92 minutes, 'Skyline' is a mess of a movie. Roland Emmerich's similarly themed alien invasion film 'Independence Day' felt like Shakespeare in comparison."

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