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Comment: Re:Article too long, let me save you some time (Score 4, Interesting) 156

by bostonsysadmin (#42213207) Attached to: New Theory About the Source of Pioneer Space Probe Deceleration
Seriously... it is just so laughably insane. If you were to tell someone from even just the 1940s that we would have an object doing this and that we could measure its progress to an incredible degree of precision, they would laugh at you and think that you were insane. Seriously... how is there still religion in this world? JFC... wake up already.

Comment: It is the damn young people's fault. (Score 1) 660

by bostonsysadmin (#42201097) Attached to: If Tech Is So Important, Why Are IT Wages Flat?
It is due to the fact that the IT world is mainly dominated by younger/newer employees. The entry level salaries in the IT world will probably stay flat for quite some time into the future and due to this and the fact that for most roles, companies would rather just higher a recent grad, the salaries for the IT world will always be highly weighted towards the entry level range.

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