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Comment: Re:It doesn't matter (Score 1) 411

by bostei2008 (#31855412) Attached to: New MacBook Pros Launched

... Battery life and portability are the big drawbacks to the PC side of the aisle.

Really? The Dell E6500 compares very nicely to the MBP. Similar price, similar customer group, the same well made design (the latter of course is a matter of subjective taste).

Dell claims 19 hours battery life with the extended cell. That would be 10 hours more than the 9 hours the new 15" MBP have.


Now, Dell may be exaggerating. But so may Apple.

Comment: Re:How in the heck did he get 1000 apps in the sto (Score 1) 178

by bostei2008 (#30429594) Attached to: Dev Booted From App Store For Inflated Reviews

The quantity of apps on the app store suggest that you're mistaken. A few developers have had some high profile troubles (made high profile because they complain loudly...) but how many thousands of apps have been approved?

How do you know its a "few developers"? Have you any hard numbers to prove you claim that almost everyone is happy? Just claiming something does not make it true.

I do not have hard numbers, but a number of my friends actually have applications in the App Store, and I have heard quite often that the approval process is pretty terrible. But I would never claim this as the objective truth, it could be sampling bias.


Comment: Re:Well (Score 1) 374

by bostei2008 (#30399928) Attached to: Palm Sued Over Palm Pre GPL Violation

Careful who you attack. I've been an engineer for 20 years and have programmed more hardware and languages than you probably can imagine, so don't piss on my leg.

But *I* am sick and tired of people who don't show even the most basic politeness in forums like this and behave like complete assholes while they (probably) are just some total loosers in real life.

All the self proclaimed gurus who hide their inability to communicate with normal people in a polite manner behind a facade of elitism. Which isn't often so elitist at all if you take a minute to look behind it.

Comment: Re:Well (Score 5, Insightful) 374

by bostei2008 (#30351136) Attached to: Palm Sued Over Palm Pre GPL Violation

... you must be new here? Or you're technologically impaired and know not a thing about Palm.

This is not the place for you - go back to Digg/Wikipedia where you belong. This is a place for people with EXPERIENCE AND FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE to discuss things, not provide bullshit citations from some wiki that any moron can edit, for morons with the weakest google-fu on the fucking planet or just plain lazy fools without a clue.

IOW - Sit down little one, adults are talking. Speak only when spoken to.

...stunned silence.... ... wow. What the hell ?

You are the official elitist-asshole-of-the-day.

The universe is an island, surrounded by whatever it is that surrounds universes.