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by bossk538 (#47017937) Attached to: How Predictable Is Evolution?

Great book, but might be hard to find. There hasn't even been a copy available on Amazon for at least a year, and on eBay it goes for $120. There was a film version on the Discovery Channel about a year ago, so you might be able to see it on Youtube or somewhere, though I don't think it does much with the narrative and "notes" which were another great feature.

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I seem to recall reading an article for "curb stomp" in the English Wikipedia, which had a link to "American History X." In the American History X article it looks like "curb-stomp" was linked, de-linked in Feb. 2012, and the term was replaced with a description in subsequent edits.

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"Freedom of speech does not mean free from consequences" - I'm sorry but this is a bullshit statement. Speech is free exactly when it is free from consequences. If someone makes a statement against a despotic government and goes to jail for it or if someone makes a statement against popular sentiment and will have to live like a hunted animal after that, the net result is the same, the person is persecuted for it. This is not to say that a society can ever have truly free speech - shouting "fire" in a crowded theater being the canonical example of proscribed speech, but in a civil society the limits to speech should be as narrow as possible, otherwise the society risks sliding towards despotism.

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It got tagged troll because STEM education in Russia is about just as bad as in the USA, but the poster was making the claim that Russian high school students had the equivalent of advanced undergraduate students in STEM subjects. This is not borne out in various education indices, such as PISA.

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I voted FF. At work I use FF for all my development needs because I am comfortable with its debugging toolset and Chrome for anything not work related (can have flash disabled, adblock running, etc.). At home I almost never use Chrome because Google's penchant for data mining your personal information. Also, my Linux box (an ancient PC with Fedora) is much more stable with FF - Chrome will cause a kernel panic within a few minutes of browsing.

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