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Comment: yes! (Score 1) 109

by borkie (#43601861) Attached to: OpenBSD 5.3 Released
This is a truly fabulous operating system. And for the ones wondering about version numbers, OpenBSD increases it by 0.1 for every release. And a new version is released every 6 months. Also, besides the mailing lists, there is a small but pretty capable community at

Comment: Re:It's Basic Infrastructure (Score 1) 255

by borkie (#39454197) Attached to: Queensland Police to Look For Unsecured WiFi Spots

Most consumer wireless APs/routers have WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) enabled, with no way of turning it off. The WPS mechanism has a weakness that makes wpa2-psk protection utterly useless. Google for "reaver wps", proceed to download, and crack all networks in your area within 24h, even the ones with 30+ char passphrases. The entire "security" of wpa2-psk is bypassed.

One solution is to run an open network, with IPsec combined with an authenticating gateway.

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